The Old Vine Festival

Fecha: 26. 09. 2024 - 29. 09. 2024 Lugar: Maribor Tipo: Eventos gastronómicos Más información

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The Old Vine Festival

Viticultural, culinary and cultural appreciation of the oldest vine in the world.


The Old Vine Festival

Slovenians take pride in the famous vine

The old vine growing at Maribor's Lent is a testimony of extremely rich wine-growing tradition and success stories of Štajerska wine-growers. The capital of Štajerska celebrates the symbol of vintage wines and persistence, and thus this is a festival of learning, tasting, socialising and joy.

Premium wine festival

Visit the Old Vine Festival in the centre of Slovenian wine-growing tradition, the Old Vine House, theme nights dedicated to wine and culinary delights or festival stalls and enjoy the entertainment programme while tasting local wines.

The ceremonious grape harvest of the oldest vine in the world

The festival ends with the formal grape harvest in front of the Old Vine House. The harvest, which is a true city celebration, is visited by many from far and wide, important guests from the government and public life, many receivers of the Old Vine’s scions, Slovenian wine queens and representatives of wine fraternities and orders.

The tasting of the first grapes is an important role, which is carried out by the Mayor of Maribor. The harvest is transported to the Meranovo estate where also the wine made from the old vine grapes is stored. The wine making process is supervised by the city vinedresser. At the end of the grape harvest the last wooden tub of grapes symbolically meets with the first tub of manure, as we have to return to the Old Vine that which with the grapes we took away. The youngest grape gatherer puts on a grape on a vine shoot so that the vine will drink its own juice.

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