34th International Biennial of Graphic Arts: Iskra Delta

Fecha: 10. 09. 2021 - 21. 11. 2021
Lugar: Ljubljana, Centro internacional de artes gráficas y figurativas
Tipo: Eventos culturales
Más información: https://www.visitljubljana.com/en/visitors/events/33rd-international-biennial-of-graphic-arts/

In more than 60 years of existence of the Ljubljana Biennale of Graphic Arts has tirelessly responded to the ever-changing sociopolitical context while rearticulating its own identity and strategies. From the very beginning, it sought to transcend geopolitical polarities, reflecting Yugoslavia’s determination to choose its own path.

The Biennale continues to draw from its history and context, taking a specific local case of technological development and its unrealised potentials as the impetus for its 34th edition. Against a backdrop of social and environmental unrest, deep in the pandemic that has fixed our bodies in place and our eyes on screens, the story of Iskra Delta and the spectres of the “lost futures” that haunt it provides a spark for imagining and constructing possible alternative presents.

34th International Biennial of Graphic Arts: Iskra Delta

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