Mighty Guardians of the Past: Castles in the Slovenian Lands

Fecha: 18. 04. 2019 - 17. 11. 2019
Lugar: Ljubljana
Tipo: Eventos culturales
Contacto: info-center@ljubljanskigrad.si
Más información: https://www.ljubljanskigrad.si/sl/dogodki-na-gradu/mogocni-varuhi-preteklosti-gradovi-na-slovenskem/

Castles have always stirred our imagination. Irrespective of their importance and renown, castles, with their might and solidity, from up close or from afar proudly draw our attention to their past role as guardians of the countryside, cities and borders, and of their mainly noble inhabitants. Within their walls, castles also guard many stories and legends that weave around them and are deeply embedded in our consciousness. Most often in ruins, only rarely preserved or even maintained, medieval castles are still synonymous with that distant time usually referred to as feudalism, although castles were actually created only in the mature feudal age, from the eleventh century to the beginning of the Early Modern Period, when they were replaced by more comfortable mansions in the valleys and on the plains. The central thematic exhibition at the Ljubljana Castle in 2019 reveals Slovenia as a country of castles. With its exposé of five Slovenian castles and their associated personalities who marked Slovenia’s past, and with various photographic material and models, the exhibition illuminates the rich heritage that has been preserved for us through the centuries by castles. The exhibition is dedicated to the memory of art historian, conservator and castle expert Dr Ivan Stopar, who, with his decades of original and passionate work, brought the Slovenian castle heritage closer to people.

Mighty Guardians of the Past: Castles in the Slovenian Lands

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