Vinarium Festival: 40th Lendava Grape Harvest Image

Fecha: 07. 09. 2019
Lugar: Lendava, Lendava
Tipo: Festivales, Eventos etnológicos, Eventos gastronómicos
Más información: http://lendava-lendva.si/dogodek/326/Vinarium-Festival:-40th-Lendava-Grape-Harvest

This traditional ethnological culinary event is held in early September at various locations in the town. Lendava grape harvest is a celebration of the winegrowers, which impresses with a varied full-day programme and a rich gastronomic offer, including bograč, langos, pretzels as well as fish – of course, Lendava’s fine wines are a must. The traditional procession through the old town with the presentation of traditions and costumes is a real eye-catcher. The cultural heritage preserved in music and dance will surely be a delight for folklore fans, and will not do without a children's entertainment programme and late night parties.

Vinarium Festival: 40th Lendava Grape Harvest

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