Cheerful December in Kranj

Fecha: 03. 12. 2019 - 31. 12. 2019
Lugar: Kranj
Tipo: Eventos musicales
Organizador: Tourist Information Center Kranj
Contacto: info@visitkranj.si
Más información: https://www.visitkranj.com/sl/preserni-december-kranj

December is a time of twinkling lights, peacefulness, warmth, small tokens of appreciation and good wishes. To be honest, this is also the time when one is constantly in a hurry, often wondering how fast time is going. So stop for a moment, take a full breath and some time for your loved ones, for feelings of love, a good conversation, laughter and relaxation. We invite you to spend this time also in our company. We've prepared a diverse program for this Cheerful December, something that will make you dance and something that will warm your heart.

Cheerful December in Kranj

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