St. Martin's Festival in Šmartno

Fecha: 14. 11. 2020 - 15. 11. 2020
Lugar: Šmartno
Tipo: Eventos gastronómicos
Organizador: Institute for Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sports Brda
Contacto: +386 5 39 59 595, tic@brda.si
Más información: https://www.brda.si/tradicionalni_dogodki/2017102114010936/Martinovo%20v%20%C5%A0martnem/

For Brda inhabitants and those who love to visit Brda, grape harvesting is the biggest festival followed by St.Martin’s feast. It is a time when the must turns into wine and when tasters, connoisseurs and lovers of autumn delights, especially wine, are united in a lively company. An excellent glass of wine, good music, rich cultural programme and excellent company. Each year, the St. Martin’s feast is held in the shelter of medieval walls of the fortified village Šmartno. Tasting of high-quality wines of more than 30 winemakers from Brda and Collio take place in wine cellars of abandoned houses. In the village, within the walls, there is a cultural and entertainment programme and also stands with Brda products and local food. Autumn, when Brda is coloured with warm shades is the right season to enjoy this magical moment with us, so welcome to Brda. St. Martin’s evening can be embellished in the rooms of the Wine Shop Brda, home of the excellent wine. You can also visit Medana, a picturesque wine village with cultural life, where you will be pampered by famous Medana winemakers. For all those looking for authenticity and familiarity, visit numerous tourist farms and homesteads where you will be able to taste Brda with a full spoon.

St. Martin's Festival in Šmartno

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