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Where to go for a well-deserved break when life gets back on track? To a country that became recognised as a green destination. Slovenia, a land of healing waters. Its thermal and mineral water springs are a source of health and wellbeing. Slovenian thermal spas offer a broad range of possibilities for relaxation and pampering – as well as playful fun in the water.



All you need to know for a healthy and safe visit in Slovenia

Slovenia is a sustainable destination of unique experiences that we enjoy sharing with you. It is essential that you are able to discover our country in a safe and responsible manner, which is why we would like to inform you of the applicable measures to contain the spread of the new coronavirus in Slovenia. Please review what you need to pay attention to.


Pampering for couples

You need to take time for love. So don’t wait! Escape the everyday hustle and bustle and seek comfort at Slovenian spas and health resorts. Throughout the country there are indulgence packages for couples, with a focus on relaxation, restoring energy and enjoying your time spent together. You will be taken aback by the exquisite architecture of our modern wellness centres, which offer amazing massages, unique saunas and special treatments by top experts, all while providing intimacy and a safe space for carefree pampering.

It’s time for a playful getaway for the whole family!

Slovenian spas have an abundance of outdoor and indoor water areas for swimming in all seasons. Moreover, they also have massage and therapeutic pools, and very attractive water parks with slides. Slovenian spas and aqua parks have taken special measures to ensure a safe and playful vacation, full of aquafun.


Sleep under the starry sky, in castles or five-star hotels.

Slovenia is a land of five-star experiences. In the most prestigious Slovenian hotels, experiences are not just tied to the luxury of the hotel room. The prestige that green, healthy and safe Slovenia is proud of lies in superlatives. The five-star Slovenian hotels believe that the essential thing is providing a complete service, and that the five stars are earned through a combination of high standards of service, consistent provision of safety and the best products and services the local environment can offer. Indulge in some glamour under the starry sky. Visit one of the amazing Slovenian glamping sites that have become world-famous with their unique stories. Treat yourself to a royal getaway and choose the hospitality and luxury of Slovenian castles and mansions.

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