Discover the offers your road vignete receipt can bring you in Maribor, the city of wine, culture and friendly people!

This second biggest Slovenian city is a lovely destination, full of cultural sights and beautiful spots, is home to the oldest vine in the world, also listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

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Slovenia is a place you will love. And we all know you can't hurry love. Stay for a day longer, relax and enjoy more beauty of this amazing country. Make a reservation today!

From 128,00 €

An unforgettable wellness break for the ladies.

Package for groups of friends at the Pohorje Wellbeing Resort

From 70,00 €

A nature break for the whole family.

May Day holiday in the Pohorje region

From 160,00 €

A wonderful break in unspoilt nature.

Senior package

From 130,00 €

Easter Vigils in the beautiful Pohorje region.

Easter holidays

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Slovenia's oldest town, situated by the river Drava in the country's north-east part. The city with red rooftops is an inspiring place of history, rich heritage and culture.




Stop, recharge and make friends with 300 white Lipizzan horses. Walk along the mighty tree avenues, play in the park, explore historical four-wheel driving, and enjoy culinary delicacies of the region.



Predjama castle - Postojna cave

The most visited Karst cave in the world and the biggest cave castle in the world. These two must-see attractions are simply unique.

Predjama castle - Postojna cave


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