Learn about the moustached giants of Slovenian culture

Jože Plečnik, Ivan Cankar, and Rihard Jakopič were all daring and moustached in their own way. As great artists, they left their mark forever on Ljubljana and Slovenia. Learn about their creative power, the mysteries of the city, and the special Slovenian characteristics.

You will travel through time, transforming from tourists to cycling explorers

Learn about Slovenian moustached giants – an architect, an author, and a painter – who hold the key to Ljubljana’s secrets and who left their marks on Slovenians as a nation. Discover a different side of the capital city through culture and the everyday life of these three great moustached artists. Learn about the stories of their houses and gardens. Explore a retro barber shop and enter the living room of the visionary architect Jože Plečnik. Visit the National Gallery to see works by the painter Rihard Jakopič and visit a century-old inn, a favourite of the well-known writer and lover of women, Ivan Cankar, which is located in the midst of the capital city’s landscape park. The Moustache Tour was named the best cycling tour in Europe in 2018 by the EasyJet Traveller Magazine.


Perhaps you didn’t know...


The world is much more moustached than we thought. Some of the world-famous moustached men include Nikola Tesla, Charlie Chaplin, Albert Einstein, and Salvador Dalí.

Jože Plečnik, one of the greatest architects of the 20th century, transformed Prague Castle into the residence for the first president of Czechoslovakia, Tomaš Garrigue Masaryk.

The painter Rihard Jakopič, one of the prominent artists of the first half of the 20th century, even painted himself.

On one particular occasion, Ivan Cankar, a celebrated author who wrote even before the bohemians of Paris, ordered a carriage for himself and one for his hat.

Course of experience:

  • Meeting a moustached guide and bicycle rental at Krekov trg 10, STIC.
  • A tour of the greatest masterpieces by the architect Jože Plečnik in the centre of the city (National Library, the artistic courtyard of Križanke).
  • A visit to a retro barbershop, where you’ll learn about the history and art of moustache grooming in Ljubljana.
  • A bicycle ride among country homes and gardens of Ljubljana, through Krakovo, the neighbourhood where the painter Rihard Jakopič was born. A visit to Plečnik’s house, where you can catch a piece of his inspiration.
  • A ride past a Roman wall, the national temple of culture, and all the way to the National Gallery, where you will be greeted by the painter Rihard Jakopič and you will see his works.
  • Cycling to a hill, where you will hear a story about the longing of the Slovenian people, who simply must go up a hill. A tour of Rožnik Hill, where the author Ivan Cankar spent the best year of his life as a star.
  • A hike to the top of the iconic Rožnik Hill, where you will see the author's memorial room and you will be rewarded for your effort with a piece of traditional Potica Cake and a cup of coffee which every Slovenian child is familiar with.
  • After you have been refreshed, end the tour by descending to a vantage point where you can enjoy a view of the famous promenade in Tivoli Park. Here, you can visit an old Austrian-Hungarian manor where you can see behind the scenes of the International Centre of Graphic Arts and visit an atelier for graphic arts, where you will receive a surprise from the moustached giants.
  • End of the tour and arrival by bicycle at Krekov trg 10.


Schedule: on Fridays from April to September (cancelled in the event of rain).

Duration: 3,5 hours.

Start: STIC, Krekov trg 10, Ljubljana.

Price: EUR 125 for 1 person, EUR 77 for 2 persons, EUR 55 for 3 persons, EUR 45 for 4 persons or more

The price includes:

  • a licensed guide and entertainer,
  • bicycle rental,
  • a visit to Križanke, admission to Plečnik’s house, a retro barbershop, the National Gallery, Cankar's room on Rožnik Hill, and the International Centre of Graphic Arts,
  • tasting of Slovenian Potica Cake, coffee, or tea,
  • surprise souvenir.


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Become cycling explorers

Go cycling through the most beautiful streets and parks of Ljubljana and learn about the moustached giants of Slovenian culture.


Turizem Ljubljana, Slovenski turistični informacijski center
Krekov trg 10
1000 Ljubljana
tel.+386 01 306 45 75
E: stic@visitljubljana.si

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