Pristine beauty of a war-torn landscape that has once again found its true meaning

Become a guest of one of the most-visited museums in Slovenia. Explore an authentic maze of caverns and entrenchments, and feel the raw beauty of this war-time landscape, where livestock now graze and mountain cheese is made. This is an area with exceptional nature and the emerald beauty, the River Soča.

An intimate story of cheese with a peace mission

100 years after the World War I ended, these rocky mountains are still home to living alpine pastures, authentic outdoor museums, and breathtaking mountain views in the middle of the fantastic nowhere. An unforgettable experience for all lovers of history who seek human stories of soldiers and personal memories of relatives who fought on the Soča Front. This experience has added value because it very subtly connects historical tourism with the thousand-year tradition of cheese-making in Alpine pastures, once a war-torn landscape, but today a valley of incredible natural beauty.


Perhaps you didn’t know…


The area of Kobarid was the location of one of the bloodiest mountain battles in the entire history of humankind. In 888 days, a staggering 30,000 soldiers lost their lives in an area covering 93 kilometres. 

World War I was a massive crossroads of nations, and during the time of the Soča (Isonzo) Front, members of more than 15 nations, four creeds, and many languages fought here. 

The indigenous Tolminc cheese, which is made using traditional methods on the Alpine pastures of the Posočje region in the summer, is manually turned and left to mature on wooden shelves, and every cow from the herd is given its own name. 

At least a dozen small, but well-furnished military museums of local collectors can be found in the area surrounding Kobarid. 

Course of the experience:

  • Meet your guide at the Kobarid Museum. At one of the most-visited museums in Slovenia, you can view original items, through which you can learn about the personal stories of the soldiers who were once a part of one of the greatest mountain battles in the history of humankind.
  • A ride to the panoramic ridge of Kolovrat Hill, which was the border between Austria-Hungary and Italy prior to World War I. 
  • A meeting with a soldier in costume at the defence positions on Kolovrat Hill, which have been transformed into once of the most beautiful cross-border outdoor museums. Exploring a maze of caverns and a network of entrenchments built by the Italian army as a defence line system.
  • A ride to Kobarid.
  • A visit to the Od planine do Planike (From Mountains to Dairies) cheese-making museum, where you can learn about the thousand-year-old tradition of mountain pastures. You will face the challenge of manually milking a cow and enjoy a cheese-making presentation at an open fireplace and a tasting of dishes made according to old herdsmen's recipes.


Timetable: Once a week, from 15 May to 31 October

Duration: 6 hours

Start: Kobarid Museum, Gregorčičeva ulica 10, Kobarid

Price: EUR 100 per person, which includes:

  • admission to the Kobarid Museum,
  • a local guide and a soldier in costume,
  • transport to Kolovrat,
  • admission to the cheese-making museum,
  • a culinary tasting,
  • surprise souvenir.


Find out more about the experience

Listen to the exciting story of a soldier from the Soča (Isonzo) Front

Learn about the story of the bloodiest mountain battle in the history of humankind by visiting caverns and entrenchments and enjoy the tranquil beauty of the Soča Valley.


Kobariški muzej d.o.o.

Gregorčičeva ulica 10
5222 Kobarid
Phone no.: 05 389 00 00

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