The Tour of Slovenia has a long tradition, as this year’s will be the 26th Tour in a row. The UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) has increased the Tour’s class and since 2018 it has been classified as a UCI HC (Hors Class) race, which is the highest UCI World Tour category in road racing.

Live coverage of the Tour on Eurosport will undoubtedly again enthral millions of viewers in front of their TV screens

For the third consecutive year, live coverage of the race will be broadcast by the sports network Eurosport. From 19 to 23 June 2019, millions of viewers will be able to follow professional cyclists riding kilometres across green Slovenia and their struggle to overcome the ascents, descents and plains, while spectators will also be able to admire exceptional helicopter coverage of the breathtaking views.

Last year’s race showed the beauty of the 28 destinations covered by the route and more than 9.3 million viewers were enthralled watching the fight for the green jersey on Eurosport. Last year’s publications about the race reached more than 37.6 million followers via social media.



This year’s race will have five stages, starting on Wednesday 19 June in Ljubljana and ending, as has become the tradition, on Sunday 23 June in Novo mesto. The cyclists will compete for the green jersey across 31 destinations, many of which they will be visiting for the first time. For the first time in history, Žalec and Nova Gorica will host stages of the race.

For the first time, the race will run through Žalec, Idrija, Žiri, Kanal ob Soči, Goriška brda, Komen, Ajdovščina, Ivančna Gorica, Metlika and Črnomelj. The cyclists will also visit other destinations that are a permanent feature of the race: Ljubljana, Planina pri Sevnici, Šentjur, Podčetrtek, Rogaška Slatina, Šmarje pri Jelšah, Štore, Maribor, Celje, Škofja Loka, Medvode, Trebnje and Novo mesto.

All five stages of the 26thTour of Slovenia

Stage 1 (19 June 2019):

Ljubljana – Litija – Laško – Šentjur – Podčetrtek – Kozje – Rogaška Slatina 

Stage 2 (20 June 2019):

Maribor - Slovenska Bistrica – Zreče - Slovenski Konjice - Šmarje pri Jelšah – Štore - Celje

Stage 3 (21 June 2019):

Žalec - Kamnik – Medvode - Škofja Loka - Idrija

Stage 4 (22 June 2019):

Nova Gorica - Kanal ob Soči - Goriška Brda - Renče-Vogrsko - Štanjel (občina Komen) – Vipava – Ajdovščina 

Stage 5 (23 June 2019):

Trebnje - Ivančna Gorica – Črnomelj – Metlika - Novo mesto

Five World Tour teams at this year’s race

Five World Tour teams, eight Pro Continental teams, all Slovenian professional teams, and teams from Austria, the Czech Republic, and the Slovak Republic will participate in this year’s Tour of Slovenia. More information about the teams participating in this year’s Tour of Slovenia is available on the official site of the race.


Best host and the most innovative race destination

The destinations which the cyclists will visit during their pursuit of victory will again compete for the title of the Best Host of the Tour of Slovenia, while an award will also be given to themost innovative destination of the Tour of Slovenia.

We all ‘feel’ Slovenia differently and via live TV coverage we can show the world how it can ‘feel’ Slovenia. The destination which will especially contribute to the world ‘feeling’ Slovenia will be awarded the title of the ‘Best Host’. Recognition will also be given to the destination that will use the opportunity for its own promotion and that of Slovenia in front of the national and international public in the most innovative and heartfelt way. Last year, Eurosport presenters and viewers were fascinated by Laško. Its presentations ‘I Feel Laško’ and ‘I Feel Slovenia’, which were performed by 500 children, delighted both the Eurosport presenters and social media users.


The Tour as part of the endeavours of the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism 

The Tour of Slovenia offers Slovenian tourism and tourist destinations an excellent opportunity to position the country as green and healthy and especially as an active destination. The beautiful natural features of Slovenia have been upgraded with the appropriate infrastructure and experiences, making Slovenia an excellent sporting and recreational destination for all seasons. Slovenia is a destination for excellent five-star experiences with a clear focus on sustainable development. The Slovenian Tourist Board encourages and implements sustainable development through the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism, Slovenia Green. The Green Scheme is a system that brings together all the efforts directed towards the sustainable development of tourism in Slovenia, enables comparisons with other green destinations across the globe, and adds national character which facilitates the positioning of green Slovenia on the global map, all under the Slovenia Greenumbrella brand.

This year’s destinations participating in the Tour of Slovenia project include holders of the gold (Ljubljana, Podčetrtek, Komen), silver (Kamnik, Idrija, Zreče, Nova Gorica, Maribor, Goriška Brda, Bela krajina, Vipavska dolina, Novo mesto, Škofja Loka) and bronze label (Celje, Kanal ob Soči).


The SPORTO award for the Tour of Slovenia

The recognition and importance of the Tour of Slovenia has been acknowledged by the SPORTO conference on marketing and sponsorship in sports. At the last conference, the Tour of Slovenia 2018, a project in which the Slovenian Tourist Board participated as a project partner, was recognised among the best and most prominent projects in sponsorship and marketing. The Tour of Slovenia 2018 received the title of the ‘Best Sports Event’. The applicant, Adria Mobil Novo mesto cycling team, emphasised the fight for the leader’s green jersey, simultaneously calling for sustainable thinking and action. 

Cycling ‘Ambassadors’ will get to know the route even before the professionals

In the last two years, the Cycling Ambassador of Slovenia competition has been met with an amazing response from recreational cyclists, and in 2019 the ‘Ambassadors’ will again explore the route of the Tour of Slovenia even before the professional cyclists. From 28 May to 2 June, six cycling enthusiasts will explore and cycle through the diverse landscape and discover the natural beauties of Slovenia, enjoy the fresh air and have the opportunity to refresh themselves with natural drinking water. Their unforgettable cycling experience will include the far-out retrocycling feat, Red Bull Goni Pony – an ascent up the Vršič mountain pass, a 13.5 kilometre-long route ascending from 801 metres to 1,611 metres with an incline of up to 10.8%. The special characteristic of this event are retro Pony bikes, as competitors may only use this special model of bike at the event.


Sport destination - Slovenia

Sport destination - Slovenia

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