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Turn into a bold explorer of the most unique stories and experiences. Try something you won't find anywhere else. With boutique, five-star experiences bearing the logo of Slovenia Unique Experiences, you will experience the country’s uniqueness in an unforgettable way with all your senses. Your own way.


On the wings of innovation

Slovenia is a country where innovativeness is limitless. The most incredible tourist stories, which leave a lasting impression, are created on the wings of imagination and with thoughtfully set objectives. The best concepts and realised ideas result in the added value when learning about Slovenia and hence certain ideas have been awarded the titles of Snovalec and Sejalec by the Slovenian Tourist Board. Check the most special experiences in Slovenia that will excite you.

Imagination and ingenuity on trial

Attempt to solve puzzles in many Slovenian towns and cities, while also discovering the cultural heritage of Slovenia and the world. You can explore Slovenian escape rooms also online at escape-rooms and check out their ratings on the TripAdvisor website. Many of them have received a certificate of excellence!   


Will you find the exit?

Escape rooms do not necessarily have normal walls. You can also venture into the world of puzzles and codes through city streets or in the forest.

Adventures in touch with nature

Experience active outdoor holidays in your own way. On steep rock walls, in the maze of mine shafts or in the vast kingdom of the brown bear.

Enter a time machine in Postojna Cave

Awaken the exploring spirit within yourselves and embark on an interactive journey through the history of the creation and development of the karst world. The EXPO Postojna Cave Karst exhibition will answer the many questions of those who encounter karst phenomena for the first time and experts alike.


In touch with water

Looking for relaxation and refreshment? Find it in the pools that tell a story of their own.

Enjoy the landscape in the palm of your hand

Do you enjoy the views of the landscape beneath you? Add a bit of adrenaline and enjoy the most bold and attractive views from up high.

A different kind of city ramble

You can also discover Slovenia by selecting less trodden paths. Special tours of Ljubljana will take you from spot to spot where you can sample beer from large and boutique Slovenian breweries. You can also explore the city while supping on the River Ljubljanica or choose a guided cycling tour of the city. More inquisitive visitors can join CurioCity to discover the socially-responsible Ljubljana or the best photo locations, also for selfies. Guided tours – frequently offering special experiences – are available in other Slovenian towns too. Enquire at local tourist information centres.

Aboard a train through time and into wild nature

In Slovenia, you have a chance to travel on a steam engine heritage train and experience a journey through time on one of the most picturesque railway lines connecting Central Europe and the Adriatic. The over 110-year-old Bohinj railway line has 28 tunnels, 65 bridges and 5 galleries. Among its bridges, is the biggest stone railway bridge in the world, including the longest Slovenian railway tunnel measuring 6,327 metres. The railway line is an important part of technical heritage, and travelling on it is an experience to remember, especially if you also indulge in a culinary journey on the heritage train.

Unique experiences for your taste buds

It is said we also “eat” with our eyes. Treat yourself to something you are more used to wearing. Pour beer straight from the tap and learn how to mix symbolism and cuisine.

Eat in special places

Slovenia offers a variety of unique accommodation facilities and innovative locations for tasting Slovenian cuisine. 

Extraordinary bedrooms

Who says you have to sleep in a bed or on a mat in a tent? In Slovenia, you can spend the night in an actual igloo in winter, and in summer, in a treetop.

Top IG Stories

Find your inspiration for travelling through the most visible, unique Instagram Stories on social networks @FeelSlovenia. 
Let the Instagram Stories take you through places and first-person adventures, colourful graphics, handwritten notes and an innovative combination of various visual media.

Stories from Slovenia

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