Back to Nature – Find Yourself with a Selfness Experience

Does it feel like you’re always in a rush and stressed out? Pause for a moment; dive deep within yourself and take a deep breath. Slovenia invites you to a selfness experience that will help you reconnect with yourself. Release your thoughts and relax your mind with yoga and meditation and gain additional strength and vitality by visiting energy points.


Explore your own way

All Slovenian health resorts provide diverse wellness and selfness experiences. Choose your spa and explore ways to pamper and find the way to yourself.

Terme Olimia Spa

The first comprehensive selfness destination in Slovenia teaches you how to change your habits and yourself with its unique comprehensive approaches. Wellness Orhidelia has been the holder of the title of the best Slovenian wellness resort for eight consecutive years.

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Terme Portorož Spa

A centre with traditional Indian and Thai massages, pools with ancient thermal sea water, seven types of saunas, a thalassotherapy centre – this is only a selection of what you can choose in the spa on the coast with the most diverse wellness and spa services in Europe. 

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Thermana Laško

In Laško, the town of beer and beekeepers, well-being is restored with beer and honey wellness, and culinary treats. Comprehensive balance treatment is provided by the Thermana&Veda Ayurveda Centre.

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Terme Ptuj Spa

Fill yourself with energy at the Windmill of Health in Ptuj, which enables you to manage stress and protects you from burnout syndrome. Choose among programmes for active regeneration and natural rejuvenation.

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Talaso Strunjan, Terme Krka Spa

Beauty and relaxation programmes, salt sauna, sea baths, sea mud wraps, salt peeling, and massages with Mediterranean oils and herbs in the Salia thalassotherapy centre will fill you with positive energy.

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Terme Dolenjske Toplice Spa

The Balnea Wellness Centre on the edge of a health resort park with 100-year-old trees provides invigorating massages, refreshing saunas and baths, which include a special Japanese sweat bath. Experience the facial and body care centre too.

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Terme Topolšica Spa

In addition to the benefits of saunas and massages, cosmetic therapy facilities, and fitness, the Zala Wellness Centre also provides private relaxation facilities in the style of ancient Rome, the Orient, and Japan. Visit the spa in the shelter of the forest.

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Terme Zreče Spa

In addition to the natural thermal springs of the Pohorje Hills, you can relax at Idila Wellness and the Sauna Village. A choice of nine saunas, the scent of Pohorje meadow herbs, and a hayrack rest area make up the Sauna Village.  

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Selfness in the forest

Most Slovenian spas and health resorts are close to forests. Forest trails are a part of many of the active experience programmes. Visit a special forest wellness centre near Cerkno to restore your strength with the energy of the forest. Walks and exercise in the forest, energy connections with trees, reflexology, and resting in a hammock are complemented with excellent culinary delights.

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Pampering in all Slovenian spas

The mission of all Slovenian health resorts is to take care of your well-being. Check out the abundance of programmes in other health resorts: Terme Čatež Spa, Terme Dobrna Spa, Terme Lendava Spa, Terme 3000 Spa,Radenci Health Resort, Rogaška Medical Centre, and Terme Šmarješke Toplice Spa.





Terme Paradiso

Enter the paradise and discover the Sauna Oasis. Detoxify your body from harmful substances in eight different saunas and recharge your batteries with fresh energy. Continue heavenly pampering by selecting one of many massages on offer or simply swim in the pool and enjoy the beneficial effects of thermal water.

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Terme Cerkno Spa

Feel the beneficial effects of the sea in the shelter of the Julian Alps. Visit the Salt Room of the Terme Cerkno Spa and inhale air with a high salt content, which positively affects your respiratory system and skin. Also find some relaxation at the Alpine-style saunas.

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Book your experience

Look after your own well-being and let yourself be reborn with some pampering in one of Slovenia's spas or health resorts.  Choose and book your holiday today!

From 431,00 € Wellness on the Moon or on Venus

Wellness on the Moon or on Venus

Health and well-being
Persons: 2 Nights: 2

A wooden resort by the lake and forest, sleeping in a log house, VIP pampering in saunas, a Jacuzzi,

Korošec Apartments & Wellness Cerklje ob Krki
From 116,00 € Roman holidays

Roman holidays

Health and well-being
Persons: 1 Nights: 2

Hedonistic experiences

Terme Resort d.o.o. Rimske Toplice
From 632,00 € Manage your stress, live peacefully

Manage your stress, live peacefully

Health and well-being
Persons: 1 Nights: 5

You will learn to recognise stress and respond to it appropriately. We will teach you relaxation tec

Terme Krka Novo mesto
From 109,00 € Week and relax & casino

Week and relax & casino

Health and well-being
Persons: 1 Nights: 1

Pampering during the week, including an unforgettable culinary experience and relaxation at the Sky

Hit d.d. Šentilj v Slov.Goricah
From 99,00 € Thermal spa package at Hotel Cerkno

Thermal spa package at Hotel Cerkno

Health and well-being
Persons: 1 Nights: 2

Do something nice for yourself! Take a break at the Hotel Cerkno and treat yourself to a thermal spa

Hotel Cerkno Cerkno
From 182,00 € Wellness package in Kranjska Gora

Wellness package in Kranjska Gora

Health and well-being
Persons: 1 Nights: 2

Pamper yourself in the wonderful Alpine environment. Treat yourself to pools, saunas and experienced

Hit Alpinea Kranjska Gora
From 1.193,36 € SlimFit – healthy slimming programme

SlimFit – healthy slimming programme

Health and well-being
Persons: 1 Nights: 7

In the slimming programme, you will be motivated by doctors and specialists for nutrition and sport.

Terme Šmarješke Toplice Spa Šmarješke Toplice
From 419,00 € XXL romance - time to cuddle

XXL romance - time to cuddle

Health and well-being
Persons: 2 Nights: 2

XXL romance - time to cuddle

Rimske terme Rimske Toplice

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