Selfness. Life as an individual

Selfness is a way of life; a special experience that focuses on people, their physical and mental health and good energy. Restore your energy with selfness experiences in Slovenia!

Relaxation in a green environment

The most beautiful green areas of Slovenian spas and health resorts are often a great location for relaxation exercises, such as a very special laughter yoga, breathing and relaxation exercises on the seashore, walking barefoot on sensory trails and energy points. 

A comprehensive approach to self

Indian, Japanese, Thai, Chinese, and other age-old approaches to massages, peeling treatments, and exercise in nature are integrated into the services of all Slovenian health resorts. Furthermore, they also include meditation, detox, and exercise programmes. A healthy approach to self can also be found in schools dealing with a healthy lifestyle, weight loss, and fasting. 

Did you know?

To have a sense of oneself was the guiding principle of one of the oldest climatic health resorts in Slovenia. This resort was founded in Bled by a Swiss doctor, a naturopath called Arnold Rikli. In the middle of the 19th century, his guests walked barefoot on dew-covered grass to achieve better blood circulation. 

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