Even beauty is healthy!

Cosmetic procedures, plastic surgery, care for your health and the beauty of your teeth – these are areas covered by multiple health resorts in Slovenia. Experience the health and beauty benefits of fasting and body detox at selected health resorts. Many places also offer world-class cosmetic services using state-of-the-art equipment.

Medical wellness to prevent disease

Programmes for preventing lifestyle diseases take into account the findings of modern medicine concerning particular indications. They are based on an individual and holistic treatment of guests. They integrate modern medicine with natural factors and experiences gained from traditional medicine.

Dedicated programmes

All Slovenian health resorts will surprise you with their specific preventive programmes, such as weight loss schools, anti-stress therapies, anti-ageing programmes, programmes for managers, for future mothers, for a healthy spine, etc.

Therapeutic approaches

Medical and therapeutic massages, special massages, baths, wraps and peeling treatments are used in addition to recognised natural factors, sports exercise, and relaxation activities, so you will be on the right path to preserve your health. They are carried out under expert supervision.

Nutrition and dietetics

At health resorts, special attention is given to healthy nutrition and offering suitable dietetic menus for the various needs and wishes of the guests. When dishes are prepared, special attention is paid to the effects of vital food and its local origin.


Not only treatment, but medical wellness programmes are also carried out following a preliminary individual treatment of guests.

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