Spa break and water fun

Slovenian spas have an abundance of outdoor and indoor water areas for swimming in all seasons. Moreover, they also have massage and therapeutic pools, and very attractive water parks with slides. Entertainment for children is also available.

Swimming, massage, relaxation

All thermal health resorts in Slovenia have modern swimming pools with thermal water or seawater heated to various pleasant temperatures. These pools have areas for hydro massage, whirlpools, and other relaxing elements. Some health resorts even have Olympic-size pools.

Water slides, water attractions and adventures

Spas with large outdoor water parks with fast water chutes, slow rivers, surfing areas, and daring slides appeal to those who love water adventures. Among them is the first water slide with a 360-degree loop.

Entertainment, health, fun

If you go to the pool, you can enjoy group exercise with an instructor, which will provide you with moments of fun and take care of your health. Various kinds of water aerobics and other forms of exercise improve your circulation, allow you to exhale better, and strengthen your respiratory muscles. And they’re fun.

Perfect days by the water

In addition to pools, Slovenian spas also provide many outdoor sunbathing, food and beverage areas. Some spas even have sunbathing terraces for nudists. In summer in particular, there are numerous themed adventures for children.


Take your children to a spa

Most Slovenian spas have kiddie pools for toddlers and lovely pools for children. Children-friendly entertainment is full of adventures and stories about local and other, more well-known, heroes. Meet dwarves and elves, pirates and Indians! Massages for children and child care are also available.



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From 168,00 € A romantic two-day wellness experience

A romantic two-day wellness experience

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A thermal getaway in the heart of Slovenia

Health and well-being
Persons: 2 Nights: 2

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Villa Aina Boutique Hotel Laško

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