Forest Melody

Place: Stara Fužina Season: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter Active time: From a few hours up to a whole day, 3-4 hours Number of people: 2 - 15
*Guaranteed to take place if at least 2 people register.
Guided tour Language: Slovenian, English, Croatian Type of experience: Culture, Nature Contact:
Turistična agencija Hike&Bike
Stara Fužina 117
4265 Bohinjsko jezero
+386 (0)31 353 845
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Forest Melody

A forest adventure in which you discover the melodiousness of the trees and learn about the secrets of the forest.

Slovenia unique experience

Surrender yourself to the melody created by the forest

Did you know that melody and sound can be elicited from trees, that trees talk to each other and transmit messages? Only certain people can coax mysterious sounds from the trees. You too can make this happen on a guided experience.

Every tree is a musical instrument of its own

Forest Melody is an intimate, profound, but nevertheless very intense experience of the forest. As part of a guided experience, you get to know the forest in a different way, as a unique, subtle natural landscape, where you can reconnect with nature and at the same time find your balance and relax. A forest bath and meditation makes you realise how very alive, sonorous and fragile the forest really is - once you become silent. The exclusive private micro-location ensures intimacy and privacy. You will discover the resonance of individual trees and together create a harmonious forest melody. You will learn about the disappearing handicraft skills in the local environment, which makes the experience also a story about the living cultural heritage of Bohinj. Conclude the experience with a forest tea party, a rest in hammocks and a sound bath, and natural foot reflexology by walking on the forest floor.

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What to expect from the experience:

  • Gathering of participants in front of the Stara Fužina tourist information centre or in the parking lot on Mount Vogar.
  • Presentation of the route, experience and short instructions on how to behave in the forest.
  • Presentation of the secret life of trees, the role of the forest, its life cycle and forest gifts (herbs, fruits, spruce tips...).
  • Forest Resonance - a stop by a resonant spruce, an explanation of the difference between the wood of a common spruce and a resonant spruce, a demonstration of flute sounds and creating sounds by playing the trunks of different trees.
  • Forest Bath - an explanation of the course and effects of a forest bath and meditation in the forest, finding suitable corners and a guided forest bath.
  • Forest Tea Party - a presentation of herbs and fruits collected along the way, a tea party with herbal tea, home-made spruce cookies, forest herb spread and Bohinj apple chips. The tea party is followed by a rest in hammocks accompanied by a sound bath - playing a flute made of resonant wood.
  • Natural Feet Reflexology - a walk on the forest floor that ends at a wooden trough where you can wash your feet.
  • Tasting of herbal drinks in a kožarica hut.

sue melodija goszda_hoja po gozdu

Schedule: All year round.

Location: Bohinj

Price: EUR 99/person; for groups of more than 6 people: EUR 69/person.

The price includes:

  • Life cycle of the forest
  • Recognition of resonant wood
  • Demonstration of the sound of a common and resonant spruce
  • Eliciting melodies from tree trunks and connecting them with flute sounds
  • Meditation in the forest with a forest bath
  • Natural reflexology
  • A forest tea party
  • Playing a resonant musical instrument
  • A sound bath while resting in hammocks
  • Atour of foresters' lodges
  • Tasting of a natural drink, herbal brandies, liqueurs, herbal spread, spruce biscuits, Bohinj apple chips
  • Playing a resonant musical instrument

More about the experience

Feel the forest Listen to it.

Surrender yourself to the beneficial power of the forest and listen to the magical melody of the trees.

Turistična agencija Hike&Bike
Stara Fužina 117
4265 Bohinjsko jezero
+386 (0)31 353 845


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Did you know?

Pokljuka, at an altitude of around 1,400 meters above sea level, is a place where resonant wood suitable for making the highest quality musical instruments grows. Because of its rarity, foresters call it "Pokljuka gold".

Almost one in four Slovenians owns a forest, and with 60% of its territory covered in forest, Slovenia ranks among the four most forested countries in Europe - after Sweden, Finland and Estonia.

With nine tonnes of accumulated carbon dioxide per hectare a year, Slovenian forests are European record holders in CO2 absorption. Because they can reach a very old age, trees reveal information about the climate going back some 12,000 years.

Roofs covered with wooden shingles are considered part of Slovenia's intangible cultural heritage. Today, only a few people master the craft of wooden roofs, which can be found higher up in hilly areas.

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