Magical herbs of the Savinja Valley

Place: Gornji Grad Season: Spring, Summer, Autumn Active time: From a few hours up to a whole day, 3,5 hours Number of people: 2 - 8
*Guaranteed to take place if at least 2 people register.
Guided tour Language: Slovenian, English Type of experience: Culture, Countryside Contact:
Babave d.o.o.
Attemsov trg 19
3342 Gornji Grad
+386 41 960 843
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Magical herbs of the Savinja Valley

Due to the impacts of the August floods, this experience is currently unavailable. For further information about the situation and the resuming of the experience, please visit the provider’s website.

Enter the magical world of herbs growing in a former monastery's garden in the company of experienced herbalists. This inspirational experience will stimulate your senses and self-awareness.

Slovenia unique experience

Five senses, two ladies and a herb garden

Prepare yourself for a sensory journey to the world of herbs in the company of two experienced herbalists. Awaken your senses with a herbal bath, a sensory experience in a former monastery's garden by the largest Slovenian cathedral. Discover the usefulness of herbs and the local history in an animated way.

Embrace the magical power of herbs

Embark on a journey of exploring local history and your senses with the help of herbs. After meeting in the boutique House of Herbs, take a sensory stroll to the largest Slovenian cathedral. Discover the secrets of a former monastery's garden with more than 160 types of native herbs. With their expert knowledge, the herbalists will guide you through a herbal bath, a sensory experience consisting of four invitations following the method of silence used by former Benedictine monks. Choose your favourite herb and listen to its story. Participate in the preparation of incense and a herbal spread and in the lighting of a fire back at the House of Herbs. Experience a special tea party ritual in a soothing homely ambiance filled with the scent of herbs that will awaken your senses and self-awareness.

The itinerary of the experience:

  • Reception in the House of Herbs. The herbalists prepare a homemade herbal concoction in front of guests.
  • A sensory walk with a guide dressed in black monastic clothing. Following the customs and traditions of Benedictines, guests wash their hands in the well in front of the cathedral and take a sip of water. They help their guide fill a bottle with water.
  • Guests are invited to the bell tower. A symphony of bells is played at the top of the cathedral. A tour of the cathedral follows.
  • Guests enter the herb garden through a side exit used only by the selected few. This is followed by a "herbal bath" and a sensory experience consisting of four exercises performed in silence and barefoot (optional) as per the method used by the Benedictines.
  • Sensory movement through the garden and observation of your senses.
  • A personalised invitation by the guide based on the response and mood of the participants.
  • Selecting and learning about the herbs. At the end of each sensory exercise, participants have the opportunity to share their perceptions and stories.
  • At the end of the herbal bath, the guests are joined by the herbalist Amanda. She reveals the story of their chosen herb to the guests.
  • During a relaxed conversation with the guests, the herbalist presents five herbs that they pick for the herbal spread.
  • Visit of the herb workshop where guests actively participate in the preparation of a herbal spread.
  • Tea party by the fireplace where guests light a fire and mix their own incense from dried herbs. The herbalists prepare some tea using herbs from the garden and water that the guests collected from the hundred-year-old well. Refreshment with local delicacies served on a herb plate.

Opening hours: The experience is available from April to October.

Starting point: House of Herbs in Gornji Grad

Price: €120/person for two persons; €90/person for three persons; €75/person for four persons,  €65/person for five persons, €60/person for six persons, €55/person for seven persons, €55/person for eight persons

The price includes:

  • Welcome at the House of Herbs with homemade ice-tea made from fresh herbs.
  • A sensory walk to the cathedral.
  • Tasting of water from a hundred-year-old well.
  • Bell tower tour and bell music.
  • A tour of the largest church and only cathedral in Slovenia.
  • A herbal bath.
  • Learning about and picking five different herbs.
  • Preparation of a spread made with herbs.
  • Making a personalised herbal incense.
  • Tea party accompanied by local stories.
  • Tasting of a colourful herb plate.
  • A surprise gift.

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Follow the scent of herbs

Embark on a magical journey to the world of herbs and ancient stories of Benedictine monks. Feel the extraordinary power of selected herbs through invigorating rituals.

Babave d.o.o.
Attemsov trg 19
3342 Gornji Grad
+386 41 960 843


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Did you know?

In the Middle Ages, it was mainly Benedictines that practiced herbalism in Europe. They planted herb gardens around their monasteries and discovered new plants containing active substances.

St Hermagoras and Fortunatus Cathedral in Gornji Grad is the largest and architecturally most significant Baroque building in Slovenia.

In the former monastery's garden in Gornji Grad, you can find the flower of blessed thistle, a symbol that connects the past and the present of this area. 

Conclude the experience accompanied by the delicious scent of buckwheat bread. The first mention of buckwheat on Slovenian territory dates back to 1426 when it was found in a land register of the Benedictine monastery in Gornji Grad.

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