A unique vertical adrenalin adventure

Place: Tolmin Season: Spring, Summer, Autumn Active time: From a few hours up to a whole day, 5–6 hours Number of people: 1 - 2
*Guaranteed to take place if at least 2 people register.
Guided tour Language: Slovenian, English Type of experience: Outdoor, Nature Contact:
Pangea Adventures d.o.o.
Volarje 58
5220 Tolmin
+386 41 721 304
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A unique vertical adrenalin adventure

Experience the beauty of the Krn mountains as an alpine climber. Abseil down a vertical wall onto a suspended alpine platform or a portaledge where you will marvel at the magnificent view while enjoying gourmet food.

Slovenia unique experience

Mountain beauty through the eyes of a climber 

Watch the break of a new morning or a glorious sunset from a portaledge. Tasting local delicacies, you can enjoy the majestic views of the Krn mountains. After your mountaineering experience, discover hidden spots along the Nadiža River.

Feel free on an overhanging rock wall

At dawn or dusk put your courage to the test and, under the guidance of experienced mountain rescuers and guides, abseil down the overhanging wall of Debelo Čelo. Sitting on a portaledge, a hanging platform invented by climbers in Yosemite Park, you will be overcome by the magic performance of light on the majestic wall of Krn towering over the town of Kobarid (Caporetto) which has played an important role in history. Surrounded by breath-taking views of mountains and the Nadiža River, you will be served a breakfast or dinner of local delicacies.  When you return to the valley, do not miss the unforgettable experience of water trekking in the Nadiža gorge. At the end of your adventure, a culnary surprise awaits you among trees on the riverbank.

Plan your adventure

  • Meeting with the guide at Pangea Adventures.
  • Welcome snack of local delicacies and presentation of the upcoming adventure.
  • Ride to the artificial climbing wall in the Willys Jeep – an attractive WWII classic.
  • A professional instructor will provide you with the required safety gear, teach you how to use it and demonstrate the abseiling (rappelling) technique.
  • Test of your climbing gear (a self-belay set, including a harness, a helmet, etc.) and your skills on the artificial climbing wall.
  • Ascent to the starting point on Debelo Čelo.
  • Check of the safety gear and abseiling to the portaledge on the vertical wall 180m above the Nadiža River.
  • A break to take in the amazing landscape.
  • Stunning vistas of Kobarid and the magnificent Krn mountains.
  • A short climb to the top of a vertical wall with the assistance of your instructor.
  • Descent to the valley and a relaxing swim in the crystal pools created by the Nadiža River.
  • Local culinary delights served in the embrace of nature.
  • Return to the company headquarters.
  • You can choose between a sunrise or sunset adventure.

Available: from April to October

Duration: 5–6 hours

Starting point:   company headquarters of Pangea Adventures d.o.o.

Price: EUR 489 per person; EUR 549 for two persons

Included in the price:

  • Welcome snack of delicious local food
  • Transportation by Willys Jeep (1945)
  • Professional guide – driver
  • The technical part of the climb supervised by an alpine climber or a mountain rescuer
  • Test of your skills on an artificial and natural wall
  • A unique bivouacking experience on a vertical wall 180m above the Nadiža River
  • Lunch or dinner of traditional local delicacies (depending on your choice of sunrise or sunset adventure) in stunning and unspoilt nature
  • A refreshing swim in the crystal pools created by the Nadiža River
  • A very interesting, original and unique surprise gift

Find out more about the experience 

Share a climber’s magic experience of the mountains 

Feel the freedom of sleeping in a bivouac suspended between the earth and the sky. Enjoy the breath-taking views of the mountains and local delicacies on a portaledge on a vertical wall.

Pangea Adventures d.o.o.
Volarje 58
5220 Tolmin
+386 41 721 304


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Did you know?

The Nadiža is one of the cleanest and warmest alpine rivers.  It is said to have healing powers.

A mysterious megalithic circle of similar proportions to Stonehenge, purportedly with healing powers, was discovered on the Zaslap mountain pasture a few years ago.

Part of the adventure is also a ride in the American vintage Willys Jeep used by the American soldiers when they came to the Soča Valley in 1945. They also introduced the locals to jazz and Coca-Cola.

In the Upper Soča Valley there are 16 alpine pastures where dairy products are still made according to traditional methods: the local Bovec and Tolminc cheeses, cottage cheese, butter, whey and sour milk

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