The most expensive Slovenian dessert wine

A prestigious bottle of Slovenian dessert wine has been sold for no less than half a million euros. The value of the vintage Refošk dessert wine with white truffles is greatly enhanced by its bottle, which is adorned with a diamond. The wine belonged to a prestigious series of dessert wines, enriched with honey, vanilla, and white truffles, which are also available at more affordable prices. 

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The wines from the sun-kissed rolling hills of Pannonian Slovenia

The Podravje wine-growing area, named after the River Drava, is located in eastern Slovenia, which has wine-growing locations that are considered to be among the best 4% in the world. Vines have been growing here since Roman times. They grow in soil that is ideal for their development, under the influence of the continental climate. This area is well-known for elegant white wines of international and some indigenous varieties. The majority of grapes are used to produce Italian Riesling. A large amount of grapes are also used to produce Furmint (Šipon), Rhein Riesling and Chardonnay, followed by Sauvignon, Traminec and Yellow Muscat. Among red varieties: Blue Franconian, Pinot Noir and Žametna Črnina (Black Velvet). In the area of the Radgonsko-Kapelske Gorice Hills, sparkling wines are produced and conditioned, among other things, and in the Prekmurje Region you can also taste excellent predicate wines (top German wine classification – Prädikatswein). Their bases are indigenous varieties, such as Ranina.

Zlati Grič Wine Cellar, Slovenske Konjice 

Embraced by the vast vineyards in the Škalce Hills above Slovenske Konjice there is the Zlati Grič Wine Cellar, today one of the most modern wine cellars in Europe.  The underfloor cellar with a surface of 3,500 m2 is a true treasure trove of premium wines from the surrounding organic vineyards. You can taste the wine varieties in a well arranged tasting facility. After you spend a night in the wonderful Wine Grower's Mansion, have lunch or dinner in the nearby Grič Restaurant or play golf on the unique golf course among the vineyards, you will realize that Zlati Grič is more than worthy of its name ("golden hill").

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Ptujska klet winery, Ptuj

The oldest wine cellar in Slovenia invites you to experience wine with audio and light effects. The wine tasting in this cellar, which also houses the oldest vintage wine, dating from 1917, is a show for all the senses.

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Radgonske Gorice Hills, Gornja Radgona

In Gornja Radgona, the home of the oldest Slovenian sparkling wine, it is worth taking a tour of the Under the Roman Wheel, Under the Waterfall, and Under the Rock cellars, treasure troves of vintage sparkling wines, and the Home of Sparkling Wine. You can also take a tourist train and visit the vineyards.

Vinag wine cellar, Maribor

The city that is home to the oldest grapevine in the world is also proud of its grand underground wine cellars. Visit 2.5 km of tunnels under the city streets and taste the excellent wines of the Podravje wine-growing region. Also head to other points along the Maribor Wine Tourist Road.

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Dveri Pax, Jarenina

In the arched wine cellar of Jarenina Manor, which has the tradition of an old monastery cellar, you can taste world-class wines made from hand-picked grapes. In addition to dry wines with longer maturing, you will also learn about excellent predicate wines (Prädikatswein – top German wine classification).

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A drink of wine from the oldest grapevine in the world

In Maribor, the Blauer Kölner grapevine variety, which is one of the oldest cultivated fine wine varieties in Slovenia, has been growing for over 400 years.  The grapevine, which is a special landmark in Slovenia, yields up to 55 kilos of red grapes annually. After the celebratory grape harvest, city cellar workers carefully produce the Žametna Črnina (Black Velvet) wine. It is bottled into 250 millilitre bottles with a special design.

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The Puklavec Family Wines

Allow yourself to get enchanted by the wines from one of the largest wineries in Slovenia with more than 80 years old winery tradition, which has been run by the Puklavec family since 2009. The Ljutomer-Ormož region and the town of Jeruzalem, where the Puklavec vines grow, are one of the finest wine-growing locations for white wines in the world. The Puklavec Family Wines mixes the tradition with the state-of-the-art technology setting new trends in winery and viticulture.

They have won the respected “Winemaker of the year” title several times and are also a proud owner of the platinum Decanter medal “best Slovenian white” for Furmint Seven Numbers 2015.

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The land of sparkling wine and predicate wine

Sparkling wines have a long tradition in Slovenia. In Gornja Radgona, a sparkling wine cellar has been developing since 1853. The Radgona sparkling wine is a classic for Slovenians, and sparkling wine producers from all wine-growing regions of Slovenia are often a pleasant surprise at international events for rating wines. The quality of predicate wines is obtained through special maturing and processing conditions: a late harvest, berry and dry berry selection, the processing of grapes left by wine-growers to freeze on the vine (ice wine). With a little luck, you can also experience such harvests in person.

Wines from Slovenian wine-growing areas

The Posavje wine-growing region, named after the River Sava, is home to Cviček, which is a special wine in Slovenian wine-growing, as it has a very low alcohol content and a good effect on health. Wine with the recognized traditional denomination is only produced in the Dolenjska wine-growing district. Otherwise, in this and in other districts of the Posavje wine-growing region, red varieties are usually grown, e.g. Žametna Črnina (Black Velvet), Blue Franconian, Blauer Portugieser, Pinot Noir, and white wines are also grown, e.g. Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Italian Riesling, and Pinot Blanc. This region is renowned for special wine-growing features, such as small cabins in vineyards (zidanice), where you can also spend the night, or special cellars (repnice), which are dug directly into the ground.

Krško Wine Cellar, Krško

The old castle cellar houses Cviček (recognised traditional denomination) and vintage wines, and the award-wining Blue Franconian is usually found in the barrique barrels in the wine tasting rooms. Experience the wine-growing story of the Dolenjska wine-growing district on guided tours and wine tastings.

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Cellar of the Town Hall, Brežice

You can also be introduced to the wines of the Posavje wine-growing region in the cellar of the town hall in Brežice. This is also the perfect starting point for guided tours of wine-growing districts and wine roads of the Posavje wine-growing area.

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Metliška Črnina wine cellars

In Bela Krajina, a region in southern Slovenia, Metliška Črnina is especially regarded. This is a dry red wine made up of all of the red wine varieties in the area. This wine carries the PTP recognised traditional denomination and you can learn about it at the Wine Spring Holiday (Vinska Vigred) and in two major cellars.

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The story of Cviček

Cviček is made up of at least four varieties. The mixing of dominant red and the added white varieties is what gives this wine with recognised traditional denomination (PTP) its reddish colour and a pleasantly piquant flavour. This wine has a low alcohol consistency (8–9%), and if drunk moderately, it helps preserve health. You can learn about Cviček on the Podgorjanci Wine Road, in wineries, and homesteads, such as Matjaž's Homestead in Otočec.

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Authentic holidays in a vineyard cottage

The Dolenjska Region is full of zidanice – small cottages in panoramic locations above vineyards. The residential part is usually above the cellar, where tools and wine are stored. These houses that were once used by wine-growers have now been changed into pleasant tourist accommodation facilities. They are your best choice if you wish to be in contact with wine-growing and other countryside traditions of this area.

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Wine holidays and wine roads of Slovenia

Every wine-growing district has its own wine road that leads you to wine-growers and wine cellar keepers in a small local area. Many of them also offer culinary and other delights in addition to wine. The mood is festive on wine roads and in other parts of Slovenia when various wine holidays and festivals take place.


Slovenian wine-growers in the eyes of experts

The best winemakers of Slovenia are drawing the attention of renowned magazines and critics in the world. Check what surprised the author of a Guardian article when he visited wine-growing Slovenia.


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