Matej Bizovičar: Burbling (Brbotanje) in the hidden corners of Ljubljana

Date: 08. 02. 2024 - 12. 03. 2024 Place: Ljubljana Type: Cultural events More info

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Matej Bizovičar: Burbling (Brbotanje) in the hidden corners of Ljubljana

Brbotanje by Matej Bizovičar is conceived as a collection of individual installations spread throughout the entire Old Town of Ljubljana, from Trubarjeva Street to Soteska.

Matej Bizovičar: Burbling (Brbotanje) in the hidden corners of Ljubljana

Each of the selected locations carries its own story related to various aspects of love. Visitors to Ljubljana, during their unique wanderings and deliberate search for different Brbotanje locations, uncover many intriguing spots, enticing them to take the time to lose themselves amidst the picturesque corners of the city. These chosen locations are intentionally slightly withdrawn from the main riverside bustle; individual installations wait as if in ambush behind somewhat darker and more secluded corners, guiding passersby into smaller streets, passages, or underpasses, adding a touch of mystery to the charming old city centre. Even the locals might not know all the corners of their city and rush past them daily, perhaps without ever noticing or giving them the attention they deserve.

JATA on Gornji trg
Sometimes I hide with you in a cloud to forget how I'll have to fall to the ground someday.

LEBDENJE on Obrežna steza
In the midst of the day's clamor, I close my eyes to submerge into the silence of your ocean.

RIBOGUNCI on Mali trg
Back in the flow, my brothers, together again on the path.

ČUVAJI ČASA on Ribji trg
Guardians in a moment of eternity stand watch over your dreams of free fall at the crossing into unknown landscapes.

PREPLET in Kastelčeva ulica
And then I completely merge into you, not knowing where I begin and where you end.

When the old diesel finally wears out, it's driven forward only by children's laughter and tears.

Thus, the city center transforms once again into a magnificent fantasy picture book, inviting us to flip through its pages.

About the Author:

MATEJ BIZOVIČAR (1969, Ljubljana) studied painting at ALUO in Ljubljana from 1991 to 1995. Since 1993, he has been creating in his studio in Metelkova mesto. He has been involved in theatre, Radio Študent, and has been part of the Hostel Celica project for over 20 years. He crafts unique furniture and is dedicated to working with wood. In the field of visual arts, he deals not only with painting but also with sculpture, spatial installations, and mosaics. He has collaborated with his light installations at numerous international festivals: Svetlobna gverila, Ljubljana, Slovenia; Skopje Light Art District, Skopje, Macedonia; Vilnius Light Festival, Vilnius, Lithuania; Boras Light Art SE, Island of Light SE, R. o. R. Nova Gorica, etc. And starting from the spring of 2023, his 'Ray' illuminates thepark near the Gradaščica River in Ljubljana every evening.

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