Open Cellar Days

Date: 04. 12. 2021 - 05. 12. 2021
Place: Šmartno ob Paki, Šmartno ob Paki
Type: Ethnological events, Gastronomic events
Contact: Društvo vinogradnikov Šmartno ob Paki, 041 233 269,

In the hills of Šmartno ob Paki you will find exquisite wine, traditional cuisine and great parties. Experience picturesque vineyards along the wine trail that takes you through cultural and natural sights, wine cellars, well-preserved vineyard cottages and farms. Get to know hospitable locals who will be happy to show you the heritage of winegrowing. A particularly special time here is in November and December, when local winegrowers have open cellar days.

Open Cellar Days

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