Velenje Undreground

Date: 03. 12. 2020
Place: Velenje, Muzeju premogovništva Slovenije
Type: Gastronomic events
Contact: 03 896 17 15,
More info:

Experience a unique 5-star gastronomic adventure 160 metres below ground, which has a place in the collection of SLOVENIA UNIQUE EXPERIENCES!Be a part of a prestigious culinary experience in Slovenia’s deepest dining room. Step into a time machine and become a part of an underground adventure on one of the thickest coal layers in the world.Take Slovenia’s oldest lift to the Coal Mining Museum of Slovenia. Experience a miner’s environment and exquisite dishes from Vila Herberstein’s team in the deepest dining room in Slovenia. A combination of raw industrial environment, exquisite gastronomic pleasures and music animation is a guarantee for an extraordinary event. Good luck among the miners, exquisite experience with the chefs! Experience the underground with all your senses.

Velenje Undreground

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