Gregorevo - Lovers day

Date: 11. 03. 2020
Place: Kranj
Type: Cultural events, Ethnological events
Organiser: Tourist Information Center Kranj
Contact: +386 (0)4 238 04 50,
More info:

In Slovenia, we have our own version of Valentine’s Day; it is called Gregorjevo (Saint Gregory´s Day) and is linked to an old folk custom announcing that birds are getting married and spring is coming. We send lights down the river Kokra, illuminating the whole canyon beneath the city. On the eve of St. Gregory's Day it is a tradition to let little boats with candles float down rivers. We will meet at the banks of the Kokra River to say goodbye to short winter days with this custom and to welcome the spring that is coming, bringing with it more sunlight and warmth.

Gregorevo - Lovers day

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