Slovenia is a land of water

In Slovenia, water is everywhere you go. The renowned Lake Bled, the emerald green river Soča, the intermittent Cerknica Lake, sparkling waterfalls and enchanting underground streams which create the cave world. 

Find refreshment in crystal clear rivers and healing waters in nature. Be filled with new, fresh energy.

Lake Zelenci

Walk along a special wooden footpath to the lake and its marshy surroundings. You are in for an unforgettable green experience. In this natural reserve, many interesting plant species can be found, including the carnivorous sundew, and the animals mostly include amphibians and nesting birds.

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Discover the world of groundwater

Groundwater is the main source of drinking water in Slovenia, and its flowing in the Karst area creates unbelievable works of art, hidden corridors and dramatic subterranean landscapes. Postojna Cave is one of the largest underground cave systems in Slovenia. Visit its water-abundant and youngest parts, where the enchantingly green river Pivka flows. Meet the subterranean system of the river Reka in Škocjan Caves, which features the deepest and largest subterranean canyon in the world. Accompanied by experienced cavers, take a trip along a chain of emerald green underground lakes in Krizna Cave.

The land of water

Green Slovenia has nearly 30,000 km of watercourses, which places it among the top countries in Europe in this regard, especially considering the size of its area.

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