Let's go to the seaside!

The smell of the salt, wind in your hair and deep blue sea. Explore the endless possibilities of sports activities on and under the sea. Sail along the Slovenian coast and admire the diversity and coastal cities of Ankaran, Koper, Izola and Piran, Portorož. Adrenaline will rush through your veins while surfing or kiteboarding on the Adriatic Sea. Or while you dive into the mysterious underwater world.


Do you feel adrenaline rush?

Discover Slovenia from a different perspective. Experience the unforgettable. Surrounded by the breath-taking green nature, the sounds of the crystal-clear river rapids will make your heart jump. Go rafting, canoeing or kayaking to explore the picturesque gorges and feel the thrill of the breath-taking nature!


Kayaking in the Peca Underworld

Explore the abandoned pits of the former Mežica Mine in a different light. Kayak the underground lakes with an experienced guide, a former miner, who will tell you all about the mine's former life.


Paddle on a SUP

Stand up paddleboarding wows first-timers with its simplicity and efficiency. But in Slovenia SUPing is more than a sport, because it also allows you to enjoy the view of the surrounding landscape. You can paddle your SUP past natural and cultural sights, and even through some Slovenian cities. You can join an organised SUP excursion or explore the best views from the water on a SUP for yourself.


vodne aktivnosti_ribolov


Slovenian waters are a paradise for fishermen. Rivers, lakes and ponds of various shades of green are home to many species of freshwater fish, with more than 20 species of interest for recreational fishing. You can keep your catch although Slovenia promotes fishing by means of "catch and release."


Boating and rafting

Rafting on Slovenian rivers is a tradition that is centuries-old and when you try it you’ll understand why. Riding a raft with friends is a wonderful experience that is so refreshing and also offers a fabulous view of nature. You can take a ride on a raft on the Drava, Sava and Krka rivers.

Unleash the full potential of your favourite outdoor activity and turn it into the ultimate adventure!


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