Slovenia has a green heart. Forests cover the three-fifths of the surface and almost every Slovenian city is only a few steps away from the woods. Boris, a lover of nature, forest activist and an expert from the Slovenian Forestry Institute, provides regular care to the variety of the Slovenian forests. »I like to visit the Queen of Rog, the mightiest tree in the Slovenian ancient woodland in Kočevje. It measures more than 50 meters in height,« explains Boris.

Feel the green energy! Anywhere in Slovenia you are close to protected nature. More than a third of the country is included in the European network of Natura 2000 protected areas. A walk along the forest trails leads you to bubbling streams and rivers with the natural drinking water. »At the moment, my mission is to observe and maintain the genetic and biological diversity of the Slovenian forest, with the help of European funds,« proudly says Boris.

Slovenia is a green paradise. Three regional parks, more than 40 nature parks, dozens of nature reserves and the Triglav National Park are precious natural treasures.

Wood is one of the biggest natural treasures of Slovenia. Many successful Slovenian stories are about the innovative use of wood in tourism and leisure. »Knock, knock. Do you hear Slovenia?«

After exploring the forest‘s labyrinths, relax in the shade of the magnificent trees and admire the beautiful nature. There is so much life in the green Slovenia. Forests and plains are home to many different animal and plant speciaes. Beekeepers put beehives in the middle of meadows where indigenous Slovenian breed of bees, the Carnolian honeybee (Apis mellifera carnica), the second most common type of bee in the world, pollinate flowers.

Slovenian‘s foresters are proud of the vast natural biodiversity. »Slovenians have always been attached to forests. We need to strengthen the awareness about our green wealth and protect it«, believes Boris. Foresters protect and nurture the woods in order to maintain their diversity. »It might surprise you to learn that the forest is in fact expanding and not shrinking«, says Boris. The entanglement of the seasons reflects in the forest‘s landscape. Changes in colour, odour and appearance are part of nature‘s most beautiful transformations.

In the heart of the Slovenian forests, treetops embrace every traveller with pleasant shades. More than 70 different tree species grow here. Boris likes to rest and relax in the shade of a beech tree, which according to the folk tradition, gives a man the most powerful energy.

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