Romance under the open sky

Where would you like to have your dream wedding? Search for a beautiful natural setting that will give your wedding day an exceptional backdrop. There are countless places in Slovenia where you can have an outdoor wedding. You can recite your vows surrounded by mighty peaks, among fields of flowers, surrounded by water, in the air or on country estates. There are almost no obstacles to outdoor weddings; you just need permits from the administrative unit and the landowner.

Pledge your love in the great outdoors

Wonderful nature is definitely one of the best backgrounds for exchanging your wedding vows. At the Eko Resort below Velika Planina you will experience the magic and the herding tradition of one of Slovenia’s most beautiful mountains in the valley.  The amazing mountain landscape of the Logar Valley will give your wedding day a special quality. Experience romantic moments in the colourful splendour of the Volčji Potok Arboretum. Get married in a meadow beneath an old apple tree or under a hay rack at the Pule Estate. Promise your everlasting love underneath the cherry trees in the idyllic environment of Brda in a Brda wedding. Learn about the tradition of rustic weddings in Bohinj inside the borders of Triglav National Park and close to Lake Bohinj.

A wedding at the homestead

Create an unforgettable day in the pleasant homely environment of a tourist farm. The idyllic nature of the surroundings offers countless backdrops for romantic wedding photographs. While preparing the civil ceremony, they will follow your wishes, and the church ceremony can be performed in the nearby church. The wedding feast will be a treat for your taste buds with local flavours, and when the wedding day comes to its end, you can lie in bed in a beautifully decorated farm room.

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A wedding with a view

Some of Slovenia’s ski areas are available to provide a unique backdrop to your wedding. Say “I do” inside the borders of Triglav National Park at Vogel, with a view of the magnificent lake in the valley and the peaks of the Julian Alps. You can have a different kind of wedding among the flowering meadows or in the embrace of a winter fairy tale at Krvavec. Enjoy your wedding day in the fresh air, with a carpet of snow or green meadows at Rogla. Your fairy-tale wedding could also begin beside the small lake at Golte. Celebrate your wedding in the heart of the Škofja Loka – Cerkno hills at Cerkno.

A slightly different way to dive into your marriage

Would you like to try something special on your wedding day? A wedding beneath the waves is an experience that you will never forget. Or give your marriage wings with a wedding high above the clouds. A wedding above babbling brooks? Enjoy it at the Garden Village at Bled resort. The salt pans also provide a romantic backdrop for an unforgettable wedding day by the sea. Enjoy a dash of rustic idyll with a wedding in a hayloft or a barn.

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