Magical December for families

New Year's Eve expectations inspired by a touch of magic So it is no wonder that this is the time of the year when fairy-tale lands and their heroes come to life, which makes your eyes sparkle with childish excitement. The three good men (Saint Nicholas, Santa Claus and Father Frost) pay us visits and bring presents. Krampuses come along to scare naughty kids. Living nativity scenes create a magic atmosphere. Creative workshops, puppet and theatre performances, concerts and other entertainment events are held in towns and cities, with an array of festive treats to be enjoyed by children and adults. This is the time to experience magic family adventures.

Visit fairy-tale lands

Enter the world of limitless imagination. A variety of fairy-tale lands in Slovenia's towns and cities throw t their doors open to children and those who wish to awaken their inner child. Visit the Land of Ice on Kongresni Trg in Ljubljana, where you can admire ice sculptures and where children can satisfy their creative flair in the Magical Forest. Maribor awaits you with a Fairy Town, where thousands of lights brighten puppet shows, concerts, street theatre and circus trick performances. Take a fairy-tale train and visit the Fairy-Tale Land in Celje where the Santa Claus, fairies, elves and wonder heroes await you.

In the fairy-tale atmosphere in Bohinj visitors will find Santa's Land hidden among the trees along Lake Bohinj, waiting for you to enjoy winter wonders and meet Santa Claus.  Fairy-Tale Land Gorajte near Škofja Loka invites you to explore their fairy-tale world. In Kranj, the Magical Forest is set to capture children's imagination. If you happen to be near the coast, the Wonderland in Koper will surprise you with exceptional lighting installations. Slovenian Christmas Fairy Tale in Mozirski Gaj awaits you with the warm glow of million lights.

When the Christmas story comes to life.

The Christmas season is marked by nativity scenes, not only by those set in the warmth of our homes. A special festive experience has been created by the living nativity scenes traditionally set in various parts of Slovenia. Enjoy a grand performance of the Christmas story, deep beneath the ground or in the embrace of the ice kingdom. See the most special nativity scene sets and don't miss your opportunity to visit the Nativity Museum.


The three good men that come to visit in December

Three good men visit the children in Slovenia in December to bring them presents and spark joy in their eyes. The first to come is Saint Nicholas who visits children on the night between the 5th and the 6th of December. He is accompanied by angels and Krampuses who scare naughty children. The scariest Krampuses from three neighbouring countries (Slovenia, Austria and Italy) meet every year in Podkoren.


Santa Claus comes on Christmas, while Father Frost brings gifts to children on New Year's Eve. You can usually meet the three good men around Slovenia throughout the holiday season. The biggest celebrations of Saint Nicholas's Day and tours of Santa Claus and Father Frost are seen in the major towns and cities in Slovenia, for example in Ljubljana, where the Good Fairy fulfils the wishes of children and adults alike, as well as in Maribor, Koper, Kranj, etc.

Holiday December in Slovenia

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