A unique break amid vineyards

Dolenjska in the south of Slovenia is famous for its rolling hills and vineyards. All true Dolenjska natives have their own vineyard cottage, built of either wooden or stone, next to the vineyard, which they nurture a special attitude. The door used to be open for best friends only, as vineyard cottages were deemed a social centre related to peaks of the wine-growing year, while today, locals share their customs and traditions with guests, wishing to introduce Dolenjska and its special feature to as many people as possible for them to grow fond of it too. Experience the hospitality of the people from Dolenjska, which knows no boundaries, as masters of vineyard cottages will trust you with not only the key to the rooms of the cottage, but also with the key to the winery full of barrels from which you can take the best local wine whenever you like. Drinking a toast on a wooden balcony with a view of extensive vineyards will fill you with the feeling that you have produced your own wine.

The key to unique accommodation and a winery

Tourism in vineyard cottages offers more than 40 assorted vineyard cottages where you can experience wine-growing nature and the wine culture of Dolenjska. One of the oldest vineyard cottages you can choose from is Škatlar Vineyard Cottage above Paha, which was the beginning of an interesting initiative to turn vineyard cottages into unique accommodation amid vineyards. This cottage is approximately 180 years old, and it is build from wood and stone and covered with straw. A stone winery which keeps the temperature constant for storing produce is filled with Cviček. One of the greatest added values of a stay in the cottage is that the master trusts you with the key to the winery which is part of the cottage or the estate, so that you can make your day more interesting with a glass of two any time. The grapes from the vines, which fill the wine barrels and grow around the vineyard cottage, are of different varieties, as this is the only way for the winemaker to produce the speciality from Dolenjska—Cviček which is a mixture of red and white grapes.

Experience Dolenjska

Dolenjska is famous for its romantic rolling hills, vineyards, castles, warm rivers and excellent cuisine. Nowhere else will you be able to find so many vineyard cottages and wineries in such a small area as in Dolenjska and Bela krajina in the south of Slovenia. According to certain records, there are around 15,000 of those. What they all have in common is that they are located on the edge of vineyards on hillsides offering stunning views.

In the shoes of a true Dolenjska native

A part of a vineyard cottage is intended for storing tools and in the cellar there is room for pressing grapes and storing wine, while the upper floors are the residential part of the cottage. The winegrower and his family used to sleep there while working in the vineyard, while today, it is intended for anyone seeking peace and relaxation.

Spend the night in one of the vineyard cottages and play the role of the master of the estate, vineyard and the winery amid the rolling hills of Dolenjska. Upon arrival, you will be welcomed by the master, usually with a snack of home-made cured meat products with some bread and a mandatory glass of house wine.

Ideas for a trip

Staying in vineyard cottages is ideal for anyone wanting to actively explore rural Slovenia. More than 1,500 km of hiking and cycling routes are available for lovers of active adventures in Dolenjska. You can treat yourself to a round of golf, hunting and fishing, and indulge in nearby natural health resorts (Šmarješke toplice, Dolenjske Toplice, Terme Čatež). The surrounding area is home to many castles which can take you through history and museums which are the cultural heritage of the region. Don't miss the excellent cuisine and Dolenjska Delights. We recommend dumplings or cured meat products and, of course, a glass of Cviček for a snack.

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