In the company of top cyclists on Tour of Slovenia

The Tour of Slovenia has a long tradition, and this year will mark its 28th edition, taking place between 15 and 19 June.

The Tour of Slovenia international cycling race, organised by the Adria Mobil Cycling Club, has been the greatest and most popular cycling event in Slovenia for several years. The International Cycling Union (UCI) has classified the race in the UCI HC (Hors Class) category, which is the top competition rank in road cycling for the World Tour series. With its inclusion in the Eurosport TV programme and broadcast on RTV Slovenija, the race has acquired a lot of viewers. In four years of cooperation with Eurosport, the race has been seen by more than 35 million viewers!

In the international environment, the Tour of Slovenia has strengthened its visibility and reputation, having hosted numerous world-class cyclists and teams. During its history, the tour has developed into a unique sports project that connects the whole of Slovenia through its diverse route stages, attracting numerous spectators along the road and to TV screens and as such serves as an excellent promotion of Slovenia as a boutique tourist destination.

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Let’s pedal back

The Tour of Slovenia is more than just a cycling race. It is also a journey across a green country, offering an opportunity to discover its beauty along the cycling route. Take a peek at some 2019 race highlights to warm up before this year’s race.

Direct broadcast on Eurosport – a treat for millions of viewers

As in previous years , this year the race will be broadcast live on the Eurosport global TV network from 15 to 19 June 2022, so that millions of viewers of Eurosport 1 will be able to watch the race live and as videos of previous stages on a daily basis and follow the world’s top cyclists as they pedal through green Slovenia contending with climbs and descents as well as level terrain. At the same time, viewers can admire exceptional helicopter images of breathtaking scenery.

The 2021 Tour of Slovenia in numbers

The last Tour of Slovenia, which took place in 2021, captured exceptional attention from the media, which fills us with optimism and excitement for this year’s race as well.

Over the last four years, 35 million TV viewers have watched the Tour of Slovenia.

Last year, more than two million ad impressions and posts were recorded on Feel Slovenia's social networks before, during and after the race.

More than 4,000 users visited the portal via promotional channels.

A total of 1,676 posts about the Tour of Slovenia were recorded in Slovenian media.

dirka po sloveniji_novo mesto

Through the five stages of this year’s race

This year’s race will have a total of 5 stages. It will start on Wednesday, 15 June in Nova Gorica, and finish in the traditional way in Novo mesto on Sunday, 19 June. Cyclists will race for the green jersey through 39 destinations. In five days, they will conquer 823 kilometres.

More information on stages

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Stage 1: Nova Gorica – Postojna

15 June 2022

The Tour of Slovenia starts in places with a pleasant Mediterranean climate. The Vipava Valley is a pleasure for cyclists every day of the year. The mysterious Karst world is full of surprising creations of nature, including the famous Postojna Cave. The Brda Hills in the idyllic countryside are known as the land of premium wines. The first cycling stage also takes you to the picturesque Soča Valley and Unesco’s Idrija.

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Stage 2: Ptuj – Rogaška Slatina

16 June 2022

The second stage runs mostly among the wine growing hills of Slovenske gorice, which stretch through the area between the Drava and Mura Rivers. The stage starts in Ptuj, the oldest Slovenian town, which also has the oldest wine cellar in Slovenia. The route then runs from one small town to another and to various parts of a wine-growing region that delights with its picturesque landscape. In the last part, the route runs past the historic town of Šentjur and past Šmarje pri Jelšah to Rogaška Slatina, which is famous for its unique mineral water with the highest magnesium content in the world.

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Stage 3: Žalec - Celje

17 June 2022

The Lower Savinja Valley is the main venue for the third stage of the Tour of Slovenia. This is the cradle of Slovenian hop growing. At its centre is Žalec, the town with the world’s first beer fountain. This stage initially turns towards the former coal mining districts of Velenje, which is now becoming a green destination. The ride between hop fields and industrial centres ends in Celje, the town of the Counts of Celje and numerous other interesting personalities who have attained worldwide fame.

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Stage 4: Laško – Velika planina

18 June 2022

The fourth stage of the Tour of Slovenia runs in the embrace of the Kamnik and Savinja Alps. The starting point is Laško, known primarily for its beer making tradition and as a health resort. From there the caravan of cyclists heads towards the central part of Slovenia via Mengeš to the historic town of Kamnik. The route then turns to the Upper Savinja Valley, where it takes on a more alpine character, with the final climb to Velika planina being the peak of this stage.

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Stage 5: Vrhnika – Novo mesto

19 June 2022

This year’s Tour of Slovenia ends with a stage that runs through the central part of Slovenia. It starts on the outskirts of Ljubljana, i.e. the Ljubljana Marshes, included on the UNESCO World Heritage list. The starting place is Vrhnika and the stage continues towards the green Slovenian capital, which is also on the UNESCO World Heritage list due to the masterpieces of the architect Jože Plečnik. To the finish line in Novo mesto, the race route runs across the picturesque landscape of the wine growing Dolenjska region, the land of cviček wine and vineyard cottages.

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Postcards from the stages of the Tour of Slovenia

Take a look at video postcards from the start and finish spots. Discover their character and everyday buzz and why it is well worth visiting them even after the cyclists of the Tour of Slovenia have completed the course.

Take a look at video postcards

Tips for top cycling holidays in Slovenia

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Zasavje – the black heart of Slovenia

Slovenian superstar Tadej Pogačar to attend this year's race as well

22 teams will take part in this year's Tour of Slovenia. The race will feature a number of stars with UCI highest-ranking cyclist Tadej Pogačar (UAE Team Emirates) and Matej Mohorič (Bahrain-Victorious) leading the way. Tadej Pogačar already won last year's race and is one of the leading contenders to win the Tour of Slovenia again this year. In addition to them, three fellow Slovenian cyclists: Luka Mezgec, Jan Polanc and Jan Tratnik will also compete in the home race.

In the past, Primož Roglič, another top Slovenian cyclist who is currently third in the UCI World Ranking, triumphed in the Tour of Slovenia. He first won his home race in 2015, and then secured his second victory in 2018.

Tadej Pogačar – the wonderboy who has shaken the cycling world

One of the greatest Slovenian cycling stars, Tadej Pogačar, will also race in the Tour of Slovenia. This two-time winner of the prestigious Tour de France and winner of a bronze medal at the Tokyo Olympics won last year’s Tour of Slovenia. Pogačar is also the ambassador of Slovenian tourism. Want to learn more about him?

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Testni primer

Fight for Green: the cycling race marked by sustainability

For a number of years now, the slogan of the Tour of Slovenia has been the "Fight for Green", which has a double significance: the cyclists race for the green jersey of the tour’s overall winner, while simultaneously Slovenia’s commitment and that of Slovenian tourism to protect the environment and towards sustainable development are also put at the forefront.

Of the destinations included in this year’s Tour of Slovenia project, 17 bear the Slovenia Green Destination label. Six of these have won the gold, five the silver and six the bronze label.

Take a tour through our green story

Watch the interactive video and get to know some of the most interesting facts and green stories that reveal the sustainable path of Slovenia.

Play interactive video

Take a tour through our green story

Take a tour through our green story

Watch the interactive video and get to know some of the most interesting facts and green stories that reveal the sustainable path of Slovenia.


A green story of Slovenia

A green story of Slovenia

Slovenia is a pioneer in the field of strategic sustainable tourism development on a national level. Over a hundred Slovenian destinations and tourism service providers have successfully obtained the Slovenia Green label, which reflects their sustainable approach and responsible behaviour towards the environment. Discover your favourite green corners and experiences and join us in creating a better future.


Destinations led by green ideas

Destinations led by green ideas

The mosaic of Slovenia’s green story is made up of individual pieces that form a model of responsible preservation of natural and cultural heritage and attitude towards the environment. The most sustainably aspiring destinations bear the platinum and the golden Slovenia Green label. Destinations with a silver or bronze label are on a good way to follow the green path. 


Responsible and comfortable – choose green accommodation

Responsible and comfortable – choose green accommodation

Hotels and tourist farms provide it. Camps, glamping resorts and spas provide it, too. And it is also provided by a range of other accommodation options that not only offer comfortable beds and food, but think more broadly about their place in the environment. With all the responsibility to future generations. Choose accommodation with the Slovenia Green Accommodation label and contribute a piece to the mosaic of sustainability.


Bike Slovenia Green – a bike tour connecting green destinations

Bike Slovenia Green – a bike tour connecting green destinations

Experience a unique biking adventure from the Julian Alps to the Adriatic Sea. Take a ride along the world's first sustainable bike trail that connects destinations with a certificate of sustainability. 


Slovenia: the rising star in the cycling world

Cycling is very popular in Slovenia and the country is further boosting its recognisability with such events, showing that it is an excellent destination for cycling and active holidays. In recent years, the green country in the heart of Europe has established its place among the global cycling elite, especially due to the exceptional success of Slovenian cyclists headed by the extraordinary Primož Roglič and Tadej Pogačar. Numerous times, Slovenia has also proved itself as a successful host of large sports competitions, and the Tour of Slovenia is no exception.


The cycling side of Slovenia

There are many opportunities to explore this green country by bike. Choose between relaxing family cycling or adrenaline adventures, cycling amidst the green countryside or through charming towns – everyone can find something for themselves.

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Are you ready to watch the Tour of Slovenia?

Grab your cheering props and root for your favourites on the Tour of Slovenia while watching the live broadcast on Eurosport. Learn about the leading Slovenian aces and find the answer to the secret of Slovenian sporting success.

Useful information and safety guidelines for carefree travel to Slovenia

See useful information and safety guidelines.

Useful information and safety guidelines for carefree travel to Slovenia


Primož Roglič – from ski jumping to cycling to Olympic gold

Discover the cycling routes of Slovenia, the homeland of Primož Roglič, a top cyclist who became the Olympic champion at the Tokyo Olympics.

Primož Roglič – from ski jumping to cycling to Olympic gold


Meet cyclist Tadej Pogačar

Meet Tadej Pogačar, a young Slovenian cyclists, who has won Tour de France two times in a row.

Meet cyclist Tadej Pogačar


Why is Slovenia a successful sporting country?

Experience the active Slovenia and get to know its sporting heart.

Why is Slovenia a successful sporting country?



Explore Slovenia by bike. The dynamic landscapes of Slovenia, with their countless natural beauties, are ideal for a biking holiday.




In its small corner of the world, Slovenia is the only European country lying at the crossroads of the Alps, the Mediterranean, the Karst and the Pannonian Plain.


Cycling in Slovenia - cycling accommodations and destinations

Cycling in Slovenia - cycling accommodations and destinations

The publication describes tours for various biking types; here, you can find information on accommodation for bikers, trail difficulty, natural and cultural attractions along the way, and suggestions for biking holidays.

Stories from Slovenia

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