Cultural experiences around Slovenia in autumn

When days become shorter and the sun no longer warms us up as it does in summer, most people like to hide indoors. However, even inside the walls of buildings, you can spend time in a wonderful and high-quality way. Why not take advantage of your free time by visiting one of Slovenia’s museums that offer a unique insight into the life and history of the Slovenian people. Admire world-class creations of Slovenian artists in numerous galleries found in Slovenia’s towns and cities. See unforgettable ballet and theatre performances or enjoy some music at concerts in concert halls. If you are more of an adventurous type, find the right way out of an escape room.

Discover Slovenia’s soul in Slovenian museums

Treat yourselves to amazing time travel in Slovenia’s museums! You can find interesting collections everywhere, reflecting Slovenian culture, nature, and social developments throughout time. Perhaps you will be impressed by prehistoric treasures. Learn about the life and work of the people living in the area of today’s Slovenia through the centuries, about the highlights as well as the difficult moments of the history of Slovenians. Discover the wealth of Slovenia’s landscape and learn how it has changed through time. The explorer in you can reach all the way to the stars!

Slovenian art

Take a walk among world-class works of art by Slovenian artists from the past and the present. Numerous galleries invite you to come for a visit! In the capital city, you can either go back to the Slovenian art of the past or you can feel the pulse and witness the development of modern art. See the works of some renowned and award-winning Slovenian artists in Kranj. One of the most important treasure troves of 20th century Slovenian art can be found in Kostanjevica na Krki, where, among other things, you can enjoy over 100 sculptures created at the Forma Viva sculpting symposiums.

A feast for your eyes and ears

Slovenia is a land of the finest culture and art. Do you like music and dance? Have a fun evening by visiting an opera or ballet performance in Ljubljana or Maribor. Are you more interested in modern performing arts? Slovenia does not disappoint. Enjoy modern dance or visit an alternative cultural centre in the capital city. Visit world-class musical and other events and enjoy concerts by a wide range of music artists.

An excellent experience for adrenaline junkies

Would you like to feel some adrenaline indoors as well? Then, we recommend that you visit one of the escape rooms. With teamwork and by solving interesting tasks, you can find your way out, and take unforgettable memories with you.

Stories from Slovenia

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