Magical Christmas transformation of the cave

Formed over millions of years, the subterranean world of Postojna Cave is one of Slovenia’s most breathtaking sights with a 200-year tradition in tourism. The Living Nativity Scenes set along the entire five-kilometre tourist route transforms Postojna Cave into a magical Christmas venue offering one of the most beautiful and unique Christmas experiences in the world.


An unforgettable event for the whole family

Christmas is a time when people come together to celebrate and for 29 years Postojna Cave has hosted one of Slovenia’s biggest festive events featuring a Live Nativity Scene and Christmas market. The Living Nativity turns the cave into a magical Christmas venue.

An amazing show featuring great performers 

For a truly interactive experience, 16 scenes including musical performances will be staged at different stops along Postojna Cave’s 5 kilometre trail, to recreate the entire Nativity story. From 25 to 30 December, the Christmas spectacle will take place several times a day, featuring up to 150 amateur performers from the local community. Each year the Nativity stars three well-known guest singers, who help creating one of the biggest Christmas shows in Europe.

90 minutes of Christmas Fairytale

The magic experience is one of the secrets of the unique subterranean world in Postojna Cave. The performances start with a train ride, followed by a guided walk through the cave’s fairytale world. The experience takes 90 minutes.

Behind the scenes

The Living Nativity at Postojna Cave is one of a kind also thanks to the performers, who create this unique spectacle every year. Take a look at some of the backstage shots, read about the rehealsals and get to know some of the performers in this magical Christmas show.


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