“Tasty” wellness experiences in Slovenia

Some believe that the best things for our skin are the things that we can also eat. In Slovenia’s spas and wellness centres, you will find special treatments using ingredients that you would expect to find on your plate or in your glass. You can enjoy treatments using fruit, herbs, and even coffee. However, let us highlight just a few treatments with ingredients usually found in Slovenian cuisine. Treat your skin and your body treatments with honey and chocolate, feel the power of beer and wine ingredients for a healthy and youthful appearance, season your health and well-being with salt and other riches of the sea.

Honey for your wellness

It is no secret that honey has a positive effect on your well-being, no matter whether it is on your plate or on your skin. This elixir of beauty and youth was already a favourite of the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra. And where better to experience a perfect honey wellness treatment than in the land that can boast a rich bee-keeping tradition! Enjoy honey wellness at Thermana Laško, in an environment where bee-keeping is well-rooted. Special honey wellness programmes, from massages to saunas, can also be found in other spas, such as Terme Olimia Spa, Terme Banovci Spa, Terme Topolšica, and others. You can feel honey on your skin even in the very place that is its source – in apiaries. Have a full honey experience at the Honey Village in Mozirje.

Foto: Arhiv Terme Olimia

Live out your sweet chocolate dreams

Are you a chocoholic? Treat yourself to some chocolate without having a guilty conscience! Feel its positive effects on your skin. Spend a true chocolate day at Terme Olimia Spa, enjoy a romantic chocolate experience for couples at Terme Dobrna Spa, chocolate massages at Terme Paradiso Spa, Terme Maribor Spa, Rimske Terme Spa, and Terme Topolšica Spa, and there is even a special chocolate massage for children at Thermana Laško Spa. You can also enjoy chocolate wellness treatments in other wellness centres around Slovenia, such as Atlantis Water Park, Bohinj Water Park etc.

Riches of the sea for your well-being

The sea has a calming effect on us due to the aroma of salt, which has a beneficial effect on our respiratory system. Salt and other resources from the sea also feel good on your skin and have a positive effect on your health. Although you can find various salt treatments elsewhere around Slovenia, it is best to experience wellness treatments with the riches of the sea right where you can find them. Experience an unforgettable wellness treatment at Thalasso Lepa Vida, an outdoor wellness centre on the edge of the Sečovlje Salt Pans. Visit the thalasso centre at Terme Portorož Spa and feel the power of the sea by enjoying massages, body wraps, and swimming in primordial sea water. Harness the energy of the sea by enjoying a treatment at Thalasso Centre Strunjan.

Wine wellness treatments without a guilty conscience

In wine lies the truth, but also health. Experience this yourself by enjoying various wellness programmes using the positive effects of the substances found in wine. At Terme Ptuj, where you can stay in specially adapted wine barrels, you can relax in a wine bath or enjoy a wine peeling treatment. At Terme Olimia, relax while having a massage using grape seed oil. An interesting wine experience awaits you at Villa Ruševec embraced by the forests of the Pohorje Hills.

Foto: Thermana Laško

Allow beer to ensure your well-being

The Lower Savinja Valley is the land of hops and brewing. It is no wonder then that, at Thermana Laško Spa, this dynamic activity is given special attention. Beer wellness is based on the positive effects that beer ingredients have on your body and well-being. Discover the advantages of beer from a different perspective.

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