In Slovenia, four different worlds meet in a relatively small area. The Mediterranean has the scent of the sea, some Alpine peaks are covered with snow all year long, and medicinal water burbles underground in Pannonian Slovenia. The mysterious karst world is a special place on a global scale. Slovenians are in love with unspoilt nature that surrounds us at every step. Such nature features unusual accommodation facilities that seem to be a part of its story. Spend a night in a tree house or in a luxury tent by a stream. Become the master of a zidanica for a few days. This is a traditional cottage on a small hill by a vineyard, which is typical for the Dolenjska and Bela Krajina regions. Travel back in time and treat yourself to an unforgettable experience in the shelter of castle walls.

Special accommodation facilities with a hint of Slovenian tradition

Experience Slovenian tradition and the life of locals. Learn about the pride of every true Dolenjska resident and briefly become a master of your own zidanica. These idyllic cottages with a wine cellar are nestled on small green hills covered with vineyards, with magnificent views of the wine-growing hills of the Dolenjska region. Make your stay even better by tasting local delicacies, exploring the area, and pampering yourself in nearby spas. An interesting experience related to the wine-growing tradition also awaits you at the Terme Ptuj Spa, where a truly unusual accommodation experience can be enjoyed in a Glamping Wine Barrel Village. The rich wine-growing tradition of the area was the inspiration for transforming large wine barrels into high-comfort rooms in the open. Slovenia is also a land of bee-keeping. Not far from Mozirje, you can learn about the life of bees in a unique way and spend your holiday in Bee Land. Staying in honeycomb-shaped cottages and enjoying pampering with honey are experiences that you will talk about for a long time. Learn about the magic of the herdsmen tradition of Velika Planina and in the valley visit Eco Resort beneath Velika Planina, where you can stay in cabins that resemble herdsmens' cottages and that provide modern comfort. There are many mills in the Drava Valley. An homage to this tradition can be found at the Greenresort in Radlje Ob Dravi, where wooden mill-shaped glamping cottages can be found next to the first biological pool in Slovenia.

Hotel comfort in touch with nature

A glamping experience combines the best of all worlds – hotel comfort, direct contact with nature, the magic of natural bathing areas, sweet-smelling ecological gardens, peace, and green energy. Above thermal hot springs and in the midst of green nature, enjoy the comfort and freshness of nature at the Olimia Adria Village Glamping Resort. Next to the River Kolpa, which is considered to be the warmest river in Slovenia, you can find the Kolpa Glamping Resort which features glamorous tents and a natural swimming pond located on the estate of the former Krasinec Castle. Luxurious and modern cottages in harmony with nature await you at the Glamping accommodation of Turizem Malerič. When you visit this beautiful green river in Bela Krajina, you can also stay in what appear to be simple Big Berry cottages that actually provide world-class comfort. Breathe in the scent of fresh herbs at Herbal Glamping Ljubno in the wonderful environment of the Upper Savinja Valley. Only a few steps from Lake Bled, you can stay in lovely glamping tents, Gozdne Vile (Forest Fairies), where you can feel incredible comfort and the warmth of timber in accommodation facilities imitating former indigenous bivouacs of lumbermen. If you like the smell of timber, then you must visit the Bloška Idila Park, where you won’t just sleep in wooden glamping tents and cottages, but you can also admire wonderful masterpieces chiselled in the wood.

Sleeping with a view

Did you have or at least dream about having a tree house as a child? Awaken the child within and treat yourself to a dream-like stay in tree house accommodation. Garden Village Bled is a perfect holiday village, hidden in the midst of green forests, located only a short walk from Lake Bled. A stream runs through it, and there is a natural swimming pool in its centre. Catch a piece of heaven (Nebesa) above Kobarid, where the primeval mountain landscape and the scent of the Mediterranean meet, and where peace and quiet are the best music to our ears. Make your dreams come true by staying at the Raduha House. High in the tree top of a linden tree in the village of Luče, luxury comfort and a view of meadows, a river, and forests await you. Stay in a water-drop-shaped tent hanging from a tree at the Natura Eco Campu near Kranjska Gora. Have you ever tried sleeping high up in a tree top, without a wall to separate you from the outside world? At the Geoss Adventure Park, only a thin net separates you from bugs as you stay among birds and under the stars. You can also enjoy a fairy-tale view at the Ramšak Manor near Maribor. Here, you can find the largest wine press in Europe.

A royal holiday

Would you like to feel like royalty? Treat yourself to world-class pampering in the shelter of Slovenian manors and castles. The Otočec Castle Hotel, which is also a member of the prestigious association of hotels and restaurants Relais & Châteaux, is located on a small island in the middle of the River Krka. There, you can be treated to royal comfort in a boutique room and suite surrounded by the inspiring green park surrounding the castle. The former medieval Mokrice Castle in the mysterious forests of the Gorjanci Hills also offers world-class comfort in stylishly furnished rooms and apartments in castle towers, and the cherry on top is a game of golf, which you can enjoy on one of the most beautiful golf courses in Slovenia. The Kenda Manor promises to provide you with top-notch holiday pleasure. Find rest for your soul on the banks of the River Idrijca and in the nearby unspoilt nature and rejoice as you wander around the wine-growing Vipava Valley, the Karst, or the Brda Hills. Gredič Castle is located in the very heart of the Brda Hills, and it has been guarding this idyllic landscape covered in vineyards for over four hundred years. Now, it has been refurbished into a luxury hotel with all of the comfort of modern times. Become the lord of the castle for one night only at Strmol Castle. Staying at Lambergh Castle, only a few kilometres from the jewel of the Gorenjska region, Lake Bled, allows you to have a magnificent view of the Julian Alps and the mighty Mt Triglav. Treat yourself to royal comfort at Jeruzalem Castle in the embrace of the Jeruzalem Hills.

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