Wine, poetry, and fantasy films

Visit Ptuj and listen to some poetry at a poetry festival while enjoying a glass of wine, dance with folklore dancers in Beltinci, or awaken the child inside by spending some time with Pippi Longstocking in Velenje. Thermal and Pannonian Slovenia offers a wide variety of diverse events, which can be paired with a spa getaway.

The Days of Poetry and Wine in Ptuj

The Days of Poetry and Wine are one of the most recognisable international poetry festivals in this part of Europe. It combines poetic and wine-making art, and every year in late August it offers visitors poetic, oenological, culinary, musical, visual, and many other experiences that bring the alleys of the medieval town of Ptuj to life.

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Ptuj Castle Days

You can experience the pulse of the medieval town of Ptuj up close if you visit Ptuj Castle Days. Every year, groups from Slovenia and other countries that conserve medieval tradition and culture meet at Ptuj Castle. The events are accompanied by a marketplace, an art colony, and of course medieval music.

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Laško, a town filled with beer and flowers

If you are a beer lover, visit Laško in July, where the Beer and Flowers Festival (Pivo in cvetje) is held. Here, you can taste Slovenia’s most well-known beer brand, learn about the rich beer brewing tradition, and other special features of Laško which literally flourishes during the festivals. Due to a wide range of concerts and other events, you will not have time to be bored during the three days of the festival.

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Grossmann Fantastic Film and Wine Festival

The festival is devoted to a specific film genre, horror and fantasy films, and it is held in the heart of the wine-growing Prlekija region, in Ljutomer, where Dr Karol Grossmann made the first Slovenian film in 1905. The main attraction of the festival is the film programme, but there is also plenty to do in addition to the festival – wine tastings, concerts, exhibitions, workshops, book presentations, and lectures.

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Sevicq Brežice

The Seviqc Brežice Festival is considered synonymous with early music. Through various features of the programme, European and world music heritage is presented, whereby special attention is dedicated to the presentation of music originating in Slovenia. Every year, the festival's concert programme encompasses the musical heritage from the Middle Ages to the early 20th century.  

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Kunigunda Festival of Youth Culture

The Kunigunda Festival of Youth Culture is a nine-day international cultural festival with a 20-year tradition, which brings Velenje to life in August. Its name comes from a legend about the beautiful young lady named Kunigunda, who was said to be a servant girl at Velenje Castle. She was accused of witchcraft and thrown into the castle well. Since then, she is said to haunt the castle chambers from time to time. The organisers of the festival wish to pay tribute to the falsely accused Kunigunda and feature youth, alternative culture, which runs alongside traditional culture.

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Pippi Festival

Velenje has not forgotten its youngest audience. The Pippi Festival is the largest family festival in Slovenia with an almost 30-year tradition, and it is visited by more than 100,000 visitors in just one week. In the world of Pippi Longstocking, the youngest visitors can experience imaginative adventures, while those a bit older can once again find the child within.

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Jazzinty in Novo mesto

Jazzinty is a boutique summer international jazz festival with a 17-year tradition. It is held during the third week in August in the historical town centre of Novo mesto. During the day, an international workshop is held, while the old town centre is filled with the sounds of concert music in the afternoon and evening, creating a metropolitan atmosphere, new trends in jazz and improvisational music, and creative energy.

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Ana's Festival in Rogaška Slatina

Walk into summer in Rogaška Slatina. Enjoy a wide range of musical genres, something for everyone, at Ana's Festival. You can enjoy the sounds of popular musc at the Europe Square, sway to the rhythm of jazz and blues by the pavilion, and experience glamorous moments with classical music at the unique Crystal Hall of the Grand Hotel Rogaška, where the Ana's Ball takes place for charity every year.

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Catch the rainbow of cultural events

An abundance of cultural events awaits you in Slovenia every day of the year. Admire the masterpieces of nature and the works of human hands and feel the lively vibe of festival events.

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Colour your holidays with the rainbow of culture and arts in Slovenia. You will be surrounded by lively events combining traditional elements with modern trends. Choose and book your holiday today!

From 160,00 € For those with the spirit of explorers who love millennia-old history

For those with the spirit of explorers who love millennia-old history

Towns, history, culture
Persons: 1 Nights: 2

A break in a town for lovers of millennia-old history. Discover historical cultural heritage, tradit

Hosting d.o.o. Ptuj
From 384,00 € Escape Ljubljana®

Escape Ljubljana®

Towns, history, culture
Persons: 2 Nights: 2

Escape somewhere nicer and have a grand ole time! During this weekend getaway from boredom, you’l

Enigmarium d.o.o. Ljubljana
From 198,00 € Unforgettable experience in Murska Sobota, the heart of Pomurje Region

Unforgettable experience in Murska Sobota, the heart of Pomurje Region

Towns, history, culture
Persons: 2 Nights: 1

Come, taste, experience and take a piece of Pomurje home with you. A special experience awaits you

ZKTŠ Murska Sobota Murska Sobota
Cultural Experiences

Cultural Experiences

Discover the mysterious combination of cultural sights and natural patterns which have had their meeting point in Slovenia, at the crossroads of nations and regions, for centuries. Publication "Cultural experiences" opens doors to travellers into the world of artistic creativity and architecture, into the history of culture and the modern way of life. Come on in, it´s Slovenia Culture Time!

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