In the summer, skiers are replaced by hikers and cyclists

Slovenian ski resorts and mountain sport centres are not idle even in the summer. Skiers are mostly replaced by hikers and cyclists, who explore nearby green trails. Ski centres are excellent starting points for the mountainous world. Those who would like to get their adrenaline pumping can try bike parks, summer sledding slopes and other attractions. The more peaceful corners are intended for relaxation and meditation in nature.

Top activities that spruce up the summer in ski resorts

In the summertime, each ski resort is a story of its own, but they nevertheless have some things in common. Check what summer activities are at the top of the list.

Hiking - White in the winter and green in the summer - the slopes provide challenges for hikers. The diverse trails take you both along trails and nearby forests and reward you with magnificent views. 

Cycling – in the summer, you can ride on service roads in ski resorts and nearby forest trails. In some resorts you can conquer the distances on rented e-bicycles.

Adrenaline-filled experiences – bike parks, summer sledding slopes and other bold descents down the green slopes will get your adrenaline pumping.

Outdoor adventures – interesting theme trails, magical villages and various entertaining experiences will give you an insight into life around ski resorts and provide you with pure contact with nature.

What you can do in ski resorts in the summer?

The summer season in Slovenian ski resorts is as lively as the winter season. There is a range of various activities that will excite all generations.  Check out what you can do in individual ski resorts.


Discover summer experiences in Koroška, in the embrace of the green forests of Pohorje, where the Kope sports centre awaits you.




Rising above Cerklje na Gorenjskem, only a few kilometres outside of the capital Ljubljana, is the popular ski resort that in the summer is replaced by a diverse range of trails and outdoor experiences.




In the summer, the popular ski centre in Zreče Pohorje turns into a playground for various outdoor experiences for all generations.




In the summer, the ski resort in the Cerkno Hills pampers you with various types of hikes. You can relax your tired muscles in a unique Alpine thermal spa resort.


Enjoy an active summer

If you are someone who likes to be active while on holiday, you will certainly find something four yourself in Slovenia. Choose a break to your liking and book it today.

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Pampering in Šalek Valley

Make your summer unforgettable

Regardless of where the path takes you in Slovenia, you will find interesting experiences everywhere, which will make holidays more interesting to all generations.

Let the adventure begin!

Find adrenaline fun in adventure parks.

Let the adventure begin!


The most beautiful hiking trails

Discover some of the most interesting trails with beautiful views.

The most beautiful hiking trails


To Slovenia for a mountain biking experience

Get to know the mountain biking in Slovenia through its diverse trails, bike parks and mountain biking festivals!

To Slovenia for a mountain biking experience


Top educational themed trails in Slovenia

Themed trails that help you to discover the local natural and cultural heritage in a fascinating way.

Top educational themed trails in Slovenia


Combine activity and relaxation on a vacation at Slovenian spas

Visit Slovenian spas located near major sports centres.

Combine activity and relaxation on a vacation at Slovenian spas


Where to eat

Home-made or cosmopolitan: choose your ambience and menu in Slovenia.

Where to eat


Accommodation providers with the Slovenia Green Label

Spend the night under a green roof.

Accommodation providers with the Slovenia Green Label


An explosion of adrenaline-filled fun

Are you in pursuit of adrenaline-filled adventures? Pick your favourites!

An explosion of adrenaline-filled fun


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