Healthy waters are linked to many legends and tales. Nearly every health resort has its own legend about how its water springs were discovered. And all Slovenian natural health resorts have one thing in common: they restore your joy for life!

A Slovenian story tells of the hospitality of a sickly lady who hosted and fed a poor traveller in her castle. He thanked her with herbs and she was again able to walk to a special spring in the surrounding area of greenery, where she filled a cup with water and, after drinking it, she regained her health. She filled another cup and, upon drinking the water again, felt her former strength. After drinking the third cup, she also washed herself with the healing water, which restored her youth. Her sprightly return to the castle has been a source of inspiration for many people who began discovering a true zest for life after tasting different waters. 

Such is the power of the healing waters of Slovenia. The springs of natural mineral and thermal waters with proven healing properties have for centuries been attracting those in search of health, including doctors. Top medical centres developed around these springs. Many health resorts can be found in places with a beneficial climate from the Adriatic Sea to the region where once the Pannonian Sea covered the land. In addition to treatment, preventive care and relaxation in and next to water, these resorts also offer healthy local food and a unique experience throughout all the green regions of Slovenia. Slovenia is a hospitable country and its waters are as friendly as the lady from the castle: they bring out the best in everyone!


Guests visiting Slovenia to gain health and well-being say that here their zest for life has been restored: 

Springs and cups of healthy water

Slovenia has an abundance of natural thermal and mineral water springs with proven healing properties. Many excellent health resorts with supreme medical centres are located in places with a beneficial climate from the Adriatic Sea to the Pannonian Plain. Healing properties, centuries of tradition and world-renowned drinking waters are the source of health and well-being.

Authenticity of experience and flavours

From their beginnings, Slovenian natural health resorts have always been closely connected to life in the communities in which they developed. The special characteristics of every green landscape, wine-producing region, nearby forests, fields and pastures are natural components of the experience offered by Slovenian health resorts. They are an integral part of therapeutic and relaxation programmes, trips, events and cuisine.

Green in a slovenian way

Natural abundance serves as the basis for Slovenian health resorts, and the development of health resort services is oriented towards the sustainable conservation of green Slovenia. In the land of pure drinking water, green forests and exceptional areas of pristine and protected nature, spa centres strictly adhere to measures to preserve the special environmental features.

Sense of safety

Slovenian health resorts encourage you to get in touch with your inner self – in a safe and tranquil green environment. Close to a lively urban environment but far from the hectic rhythm of the city, close to the calm of rural life but far from boredom, there are opportunities for the restoration of your own strength in a unique but always safe way. In safe and green Slovenia, you are closer to your inner peace.

Love for people!

Slovenia is a land of love intertwining the diversity of its landscapes and its people. Slovenian health resorts transform this love into hospitality and respect for individuality. They inspire with their authenticity and spoil you with their friendly openness. Their mission is to care for the well-being of people. By respecting the wishes and needs of every individual! 

Verified health resorts are connected within the Slovenian Spas Association.

Healthy waters

Healthy waters

In one publication you can find all the reasons to visit Slovenia as a place of healing waters and verified health resorts! Discover the differences between them.

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