Energy attraction

The green landscape of Slovenia exudes freshness and fills you with new energy. But certain natural points will have an even more beneficial effect on your well-being. There are quite a few places in Slovenia where pure energy makes its way to the surface. We’ve chosen a few extraordinary locations that will add the icing to your getaway cake.

Life strength amid the forests and peaks

When visiting Bled and Bohinj, why not take a detour to Pokljuka and stop by at the energy points on the trail between Rudno polje and Uskovnica or by the sports centre surrounded by Pokljuka spruce trees? On the other side of the Julian Alps, in the Soča Valley, you will experience a surge in healthy energy by the River Soča and its tributaries and experience the beneficial effects of the springs of the Count’s water and Old man’s water. Relax in the bio park nearby Šempeter in the safe embrace of the Kamnik–Savinja Alps. Exploring the forests of Pohorje can lead you to the Bolfenk energy trail near the hotel of the same name. Regain your strength in the beautiful setting of Sveta Trojica v Slovenskih Goricah.

Healthy waters and healthy energy

Slovenia – A land of healthy and beneficial waters Feel the healing effects of the thermal springs in Thermana Laško and stroll around the energy points in the spa park. You can feel the positive effects of the thermal springs and sources of healing energy in the parks in Terme Lendava, Terme Dobrna and Rimske terme. The pampering at Terme Čatež will be complete with a hike on the Čatež Energy Trail. Or seek healing energy on the Dunaj Trail and climb to the hill fort of Dunaj nad Krškim. Visit Lake Bukovnica and experience the charming forests of Prekmurje or take advantage of the positive effects of the nearby Spring of Saint Vitus. Other strong energy points are to be found along the River Kolpa.

Energy centres just a stone’s throw away from the capital

Positive earth energy can envelop you just a few kilometres outside of Ljubljana. Visit the Manas energy park in the lush green forests around the capital. Another strong energy centre is located in Tunjice near the historical town of Kamnik. A unique feature of the healing park is its so-called live water, whose structure most resembles that of the water in our bodies. Positive energy will envelop you on the way from Medvode towards Kranj by Lake Trboje, home to the goosander, a rare species of bird. Indeed the lake is also known as ‘the Goosander’s Tear’.

An energy harmony with a hint of the Mediterranean

The soothing sea waves will calm you and help you reconnect with yourself. Add healing energy springs and you are on the perfect path to rebirth. You can feel this energy at the Strunjan Nature Reserve if you visit the Salinera energy park . Feel a surge in life energy above Moon Bay right next to the Strunjan’s cross. Visit it after you’ve finished pampering yourself at the nearby Talas Strunjan spa.

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