A rendezvous with history and art

A museum or gallery visit can be a great experience. Various collections of objects, documents and art unveil the mystery of our ancestors’ life, work and creativity. One of the many Slovenian museums and galleries that are well worth a visit is the National Gallery in Ljubljana, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. Enter the world of masterpieces painted by extraordinary Slovenian fine artists, a world of art created on Slovenian soil since the High Middle Ages until the 20th century.

Roam the gallery

The National Gallery is filled with treasures of old Slovenian fine art. Passing from room to room, you’ll learn about paintings from many different time and art periods. You’ll see works by Slovenian artists who have become world famous and masterpieces such as The Sower by Ivan Grohar, Black Woman by Anton Ažbe and Woman Drinking Coffee by Ivana Kobilca. Works by the internationally acclaimed painter Zoran Mušič occupy a special section of the National Gallery.  Another of the main attractions in the gallery is the Robba Fountain, which was moved there from the Town Square in Ljubljana.


Meet the woman who stirred the fine art world

Ivana Kobilca is one of the most prominent Slovenian painters of all time. She spent most of her time living and painting in several European capitals and was a member of France’s Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts. For the gallery’s 100th anniversary, this extraordinary realist painter will have a new permanent exhibition dedicated to her. The exhibition will be open to visitors from 21 June 2018 to 10 February 2019 and will feature some paintings never before on display. 


A masterpiece experience

Why not spark an interest in art in the youngest members of your family? The gallery’s mischievous Gal the Dwarf is eager to help you out. Visit his room to join workshops, read his books and get tips that will help you find the gallery’s treasures.

The National Gallery is a charming venue for couples who wish to say ‘I do’ surrounded by fine art masterpieces. You can either explore the exhibitions together with a curator or set your own pace by using a digital guide. Nexto interactive stories will take you on a journey full of hidden gems that the paintings are holding secret. Take part in exciting and fun monthly events at the gallery that are part of the European year of cultural heritage, dedicated to a different European country every month. You can also learn about art and the masterpieces in the gallery at social gatherings on Thursday evenings. If you feel the call of the artist in you, have a go at painting right there next to the masterpieces.


See you at the museum!

The extraordinary mission of museums in society is celebrated by International Museum Day on 18 May. On this day, museums and galleries in Slovenia open their doors to visitors with free entrance and various events. In June, you can experience the Museum Summer Night, a unique event when museums, galleries and other cultural heritage centres offer a selection of remarkable and fun events.

Cultural events in Slovenia

There’s always something interesting happening in culture. Be a part of cultural events around Slovenia.

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