The production of new wine begins in wineries. Slovenian winegrowers produce world-renowned quality wines, but none is a match for Cviček from Dolenjska. It is also called the Slovenian special wine, as it is one of the rare wines in the world made from red and white grape varieties. Cviček is appropriate for all occasions. It has proven to be an excellent companion to local traditional dishes. Treat yourself to some Cviček in a vineyard cottage amid the rolling hills of Dolenjska. It goes great with snacks or feasts, refreshing them with the memory of the Dolenjska experience.

Worldwide fame

Cviček has made the wine-growing of Dolenjska famous across Europe and has claimed a spot as a Slovenian wine ambassador next to Karst Teran. In addition to Tuscan Chianti, Cviček is the only wine in the world with a wine composition protected by law, while in Slovenia, it also boasts the recognised traditional name. In May 2017, the Frelih Winery received an award and a prize for its Cviček at the Decanter competition in London. Their 2016 vintage thus marked a new milestone in Slovenian oenology and Cviček production.

The pride of Dolenjska and green Slovenia

Dolenjska is located in the south-east of green Slovenia, and it is home to first-rate vines which have been thriving for centuries and give excellent wines together with the love of winegrowers. The pride of the wine-growing of Dolenjska is Cviček which you simply must try. Its special feature is its composition which includes at least four grape varieties, of which more than two thirds are red and almost a third are white wine varieties. These can be blended as grapes, must or wine, but at the second settling of wine at the latest. The main varieties used in Cviček are Red Žametovka and White Kraljevina, but it also contains Blue Franconian, Blauer Portugieser, Welschriesling or Rumeni plavec.

Universally positive effects

Cviček is a wine with a long and extremely rich tradition. Janez Vajkard Valvasor, a Slovenian baron and polymath, wrote about it at the end of the 17th century. Through centuries, various winemakers have created the unique character of Cviček. The wine is light red, with fresh fruity aromas, and of fresh and gentle taste. You will definitely be captivated by it because you can easily enjoy it with many dishes too. Cviček in moderate quantities is even recommended by certain physicians, as it contains more acid, and is classified among dietetic wines with a low level of alcohol (8.5 to 10 per cent). At the same time, Cviček has a positive effect on your digestion, increases your appetite, prevents insomnia and strengthens blood flow. The people of Dolenjska believe that the toast “Cheers” is really to the point in the case of Cviček.

In the capital of Cviček

Grapevines have a special meaning in Slovenia. They receive tender care and admiration throughout the year, culminating on 11 November—St. Martin's Day. According to folk tradition, this is the day when must turns into wine. The celebration of St Martin's Day is the greatest wine holiday, observed throughout Slovenia. Don't miss the St Martin's Day Celebration in Dolenjska in Novo mesto. Toast with the new wine, pay tribute to wine tradition and treat yourself to the Cviček of local producers. Not only for autumn, Dolenjska is great to visit in spring too. In May, the traditional Cviček Week is held in Novo mesto. In the framework of the Association of Viticultural Societies of Dolenjska, the Cviček Court is chosen, and the King, Princess and Ambassadors of Cviček are crowned.

Did you know?

… that Cviček has a special place in a monastery, i.e. Pleterje Charterhouse near Kostanjevica na Krki? This charterhouse is one of the most important centres of winegrowing in Dolenjska, and its special feature is that it manages a few hectares of vineyards. Their speciality is blessed Cviček kept in the cellar in Pleterje. Although the charterhouse is not open to the public, its Cviček is available in a shop. You can also take a walk around a wonderful outdoor museum and visit a Gothic church.

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