Slovenia is one of the most water-rich European countries, and it also boasts potable water of incredible quality. They say that clean tap water is a true sign of prestige nowadays. In Slovenia, however, visitors can enjoy it every day. Both Slovenians and experts in the healing effects of mineral water have known about and enjoyed the popular local mineral waters for centuries, and these can be tasted at their very source if you visit the places from which they hail. Drinking water with special properties and effects is also available in other places in Slovenia – at sources which have their own history.

Natural mineral waters

In the northwest, natural mineral water that contains carbon dioxide and is rich in dissolved minerals rises from the Earth’s depths, protected from pollution, and is named Radenska after the place of its source. By consuming it, our body receives the right amount of calcium and magnesium. The symbol of Radenska is three hearts and it is no secret that in the Radenci Health Resort, there are specialists offering medical wellness and rehabilitation programmes.

In Rogaška Slatina, the world’s most magnesium-rich water, Donat Mg, has its source. Drinking Donat is proved to have an influence on digestion and excess stomach acid. And, what is the best thing about Donat Mg? At the Rogaška Slatina Health Resort, it has been used for therapeutic and preventive purposes for more than a century.

Living and iron water

Do you believe that water is a living thing?  In the Tunjice Natural Health Resort near Kamnik, which is one of just seven identified locations of water with a constant surface tension in the world, living water has its source. This term describes those waters that have the same characteristics as the water in living creatures. It is also scientifically proven that living water contains as many as 89 percent of all the existing elements contained in the human body, thus it is appropriate for the efficient self-healing of the human organism.

Under Mt. Olševa in the Karavanke Alps, another world-famous Slovenian mineral water has its source. This is iron water, which is extremely rich in iron, magnesium and potassium. The water is rather sour, and the rocks adjacent to the source are orange-brown due to the iron. The iron water also has many positive effects on the body.

Pour yourself a cup from the tap or drink it from your hand

In Slovenia, you can quench your thirst with potable water directly from the tap or from the town drinking fountain.  In Ljubljana, the European Green Capital 2016, there are no less than 31 urban drinking fountains available in the warmer months. All over Slovenia, the water achieves one of the highest levels of quality in the world. Thus, drinking fountains have also popped up in Maribor and Velenje.

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