Where to go for a walk in Slovenian cities?

Do you like walking through city streets or do you prefer being among nature? Why not join both? In Slovenia, throbbing city centres and green nature are only steps apart. Take a walk through well-maintained city parks or climb a nearby hill and enjoy the views of the hustle and bustle below you. Where will your path take you?

The green trails of Ljubljana

Experience Ljubljana in all its green luxury. Climb Castle Hill in the very centre of Ljubljana and take in the views across the entire capital. Go for a walk along the trails of Tivoli Park from where you can climb the Rožnik hill and from there go to Mostec or Ljubljana Zoo. If you are tempted to go for a longer walk around the city, follow the markers for the Path of Remembrance and Comradeship. Along the way, relax your mind beside the Koseze pond, enjoy the views from Golovec and visit Plečnik’s Žale and Fužine Castle. Satisfy your thirst for hiking by climbing Šmarna gora, a popular spot among locals.Another popular site for afternoon escapes to nature is the St. Anne hill which offers the most photogenic views of the Ljubljana Marshes and the capital.

Walks between the Drava river, Pohorje, and vineyards

Discover the green corners of Maribor on popular trails and observation points. Go for a walk along the Drava river from the old part of the town, Lent, with the world's oldest vine, to Maribor Island. Maribor also has its very own pyramid, the Piramida. Don’t you believe us? Climb the Piramida hill from the City Park, look for the ruins of the former castle and enjoy the views of the city, Pohorje, and wine-growing hills. Other hills surrounding Maribor offer stunning views: Kalvarija, Mestni vrh, and Pekrska gorca.

Go for a stroll in Celje and its surroundings

Explore the city’s walking trails and the hiking spots that are popular among the people of Celje. The green lungs of Celje, the City Forest, offer a green shelter in the city. Search the forest for the largest tree house in Slovenia which always offers interesting activities. There are trails leading from the City Forest to Anski vrh from where you can enjoy views of the Savinja Valley and as far as to the Kamnik–Savinja Alps. Relax alongside Šmartinsko Lake  just a few kilometres from the city or hike to Celjska koča or join the locals at the popular Grmada.

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Explore the green trails of Kranj

Calm your thoughts deep beneath the bustling urban life of the centre of Kranj by going for a walk along the well-maintained trail alongside the Kokra River canyon. Enjoy the pleasant fresh air in the avenue of trees beside the Sava River Fill your lungs with fresh energy on the trails of the Udin Forest. Experience the awe-inspiring views of the alpine landscape and the city from peaks that are popular afternoon destinations among locals: Jošt, Šmarjetna gora, and Mohor.

Go for a walk between Krka and Gorjanci

Choose your favourite trail in Novo mesto and its surroundings. Walk along the Župančič Promenade and listen to the green beauty of Dolenjska, the Krka River, taking a moment for yourself. Breathe in the freshness of nature in Kette Avenue with a view of the city. Similarly to Ljubljana, Novo mesto also has its historic Path along the Barbed Wire. If you wish to expand your exploration of the city streets to the Novo mesto countryside, go for a walk along Rudolf’s Trail, while the most avid hikers can take on the Trdin Trail.

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History-filled trails in Goriško

The pathways into the surroundings of Nova Gorica tell numerous interesting stories of the past. Today, Sabotin, which was marked by the Battles of the Isonzo, is a popular excursion destination. Perhaps you will be attracted by the pilgrimage Sveta gora or the stories of the Bourbons in the Kostanjevica Monastery. It is not far from the city centre to the vast Panovec Forest intersected with numerous paths in the shelter of the trees. 

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