Surrounded by love and romance

Get married in Slovenia! The green country with the word ‘LOVE’ in its name, inspires with its fairy-like beauty and it provides an astounding romantic scenery. There is an abundance of options when selecting a suitable location regardless of what kind of wedding you want. Crown your love in the shelter of historic castle walls and in picturesque gardens and estates, in idyllic countryside or surrounded by architectural masterpieces in towns and cities. You can choose the most uncommon places to exchange your vows.

Memorable castle wedding experiences

Feel like a princess or a prince on your big day and choose one of the romantic Slovenian castles for your wedding. In Slovenia, popular wedding destinations include numerous mansions and estates, where they will take care of a wonderful wedding. Along with the majestic environment you will also get exceptional views, culinary pampering and recording of unforgettable memories in the green surroundings of mighty fortresses.



Exchange your vows in the green embrace of nature

Slovenia inspires with its natural treasures. Create a wonderful wedding day at one of many open-air locations. Choose the beauty of the mountain world, idyllic scenes of hills laced with vineyards, the crystal beauty of the Slovenian waters and the pleasant atmosphere of rural estates. You can also be a bit more daring and choose the most unusual places to get married in. You only need an authorisation from the local administrative unit and the owner of the land.



Thermal promise of eternal love

Start your life journey together rejuvenated. Take care of perfect looks on your wedding day by having a treat in thermal spas. You can get married in neatly presented halls in spas or in the green surroundings of the spa parks. You will have an unforgettable wedding, at which you and your guests will enjoy exquisite cuisine. After your wedding day in a thermal spa, you can also spend the night there and regain your strength by treating yourself to some wellness pampering.


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