View from the water

The clear waters of Slovenia enable various water experiences. In addition to a wide variety of activities on white waters, tranquil lake surfaces and in the embrace of sea waves, you can choose from many interesting trips on water. Take a trip on the tourist boat, experience the life of locals who were involved in rafting in the past, or take a ferryboat on the river. Join other people craving fun adventures on SUPs, in canoes and other vessels. You will not be disappointed whatever you choose. The adventure will leave you pleasantly refreshed, in good spirits and with nice memories.

Experience the capital from the Ljubljanica River

With its architectural gems and green image, Ljubljana charms every visitor. Why not see it from a different angle? Take a ride on one of the tourist boats, which will take you beneath impressive bridges, past the main sights of the centre of the city and its green surroundings. In addition to marvellous views of the city, catering is also provided on the boats.

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With a pletna boat to the island

When visiting Bled, a ride on the traditional pletna boat is a must-do. With a typical Bled boat rowed by a pletnar, visit the only natural island on a lake in Slovenia. Ascend 99 stairs to the iconic island church, where you can ring the bell and make a wish. Try a piece of traditional Slovenian dessert, potica, in the Potičnica shop nearby, and then sit back in the pletna and enjoy the view of the picturesque surroundings of Lake Bled.

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Stories of river rafters

Experience Slovenian rivers in a special way. The rafters in the Drava Valley used to transport wood on the Drava River; today, you can listen to their stories accompanied by the sound of the accordion on lively trips. Visit the city of Maribor with the Drava rafters and its beautiful Lent district with the oldest vine in the world. You can also experience the rafting tradition made colourful with the tasting of local delicacies and wines on the Sava River. Novo mesto, the centre of the Dolenjska region, can be explored from the water on the Rudolf’s raft along the green Dolenjska beauty, the Krka River.

A romantic voyage on a ferryboat along the Mura River

Experience the romantic charm of the Mura River on a ferryboat ride. The best location for all romantic souls to board the ferry is on the unique Island of Love in Ižakovci, which is the place where lovers meet according to the legend. Before venturing on the opposite bank of the river, visit the Mill on the Mura River, which testifies to yet another important activity that took place in this region in the past.

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Paddle on a trip with SUPs

Venture on an unforgettable adventure. Step on SUPs, grab the paddles and experience Slovenian towns in a fun and attractive way. Discover the architectural heritage of Ljubljana from the Ljubljanica River, experience the oldest part of Maribor from the Drava River, circle the Breg embankment and the old town centre of Novo mesto on the Krka River. Be seduced by the already tamed mountain beauty, the Soča River, or the nicely warm Kolpa River in Bela Krajina. Take an SUP on iconic Lake Bled, Lake Bohinj surrounded by wild beauty or mysterious Lake Cerknica. Observe the romantic seaside towns from the sea and discover hidden coastal corners.

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Wine tasting on a boat in Izola

Indulge in the wealth of flavours of local wines on the sea. Board a boat and view the vineyards of the Izola hinterland from the sea. The unique voyage is accompanied by the tasting of supreme local wine varieties and you can also try cold seafood starters and various cold cuts – everything topped with organic olive oil.

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Authentic trips on Lake Cerknica

Experience the diversity of Lake Cerknica from a boat. Our ancestors used dugouts to travel on the lake, which up to the 20th century were an indispensable part of the lives of the locals living by the lake. Although they were later replaced by wooden and plastic boats, you can now take a guided dugout canoe trip. A canoe safari is also an unforgettable adventure, where you will learn about the secrets of the intermittent lake and its biodiversity in an interesting way.

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Stories from Slovenia

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