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Are you a fan of virtual reality? Slovenia wants to give you an opportunity to learn new and interesting things in the virtual world. You can turn into an intrepid explorer of history. You can even change it. On the wings of technology, you can explore the universe or try your ingenuity to break out of a maze.

Vir: Thermana Laško, foto: Rok Deželak

Change the Course of History, Laško

Heard the story of unfortunate love between Count Friderik of Celje and Veronika Deseniška? This is your chance to bring the story to a happy end. Enter a special VR room at Thermana Laško Spa and experience the romance of the Middle Ages with your own senses.  The Celje Old Castle is another venue that offers this VR experience.

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Expano Pavilion, Murska Sobota

You can learn practically everything about Pomurje in a single day. This is provided by interactive experiences in Expano pavilion by the Sobota lake. Technology will help you travel to the era of the Pannonian sea, fly over the area as the Belgian scientist did decades ago, experience the creativity of Pomurje with all your senses, and much more.


Noordung Centre of Space Technologies

Discover the secrets of space through technology and virtual reality. Enter the virtual space station with artificial gravity as designed by Herman Potočnik Noordung and embark on a voyage among the planets of our solar system. See how it feels to fly in a plane above the Earth’s surface at a speed of 800 km/h.

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Virtual Experiences of Trbovlje Mine

Step into the shoes of Trbovlje miners. Don your helmet, grab your pick and put on your glasses. Virtual, of course. On the wings of virtual reality, you will embark on an authentic journey through mining shafts and get to know the work and life of miners and their families. If you are looking for a genuine mining challenge spiced up by adrenaline and riddles, try escaping from a unique escape room featuring virtual puzzles.

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Park of Military History

Ever wondered how it feels to fly in a supersonic plane? You can find the answer at the Park of Military History in Pivka by trying a MiG-21 flight simulator. The virtual reality technology will give you a true feeling of flying among the clouds.

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Planetarium Podčetrtek

The endlessness and mysteriousness of space have always stirred our imagination. Podčetrtek now boasts a unique spherical cinema where you can watch several films about space. Book your seat for a 360-degree experience of the "pure sky".

Žiče Carthusian Monastery through Smart Glasses

Want to know what Žiče Carthusian Monastery used to be like? Put on your smart glasses and walk among its buildings. The glasses will help you see the structures that are now gone or in ruins. You may even meet a monk or two. Your tour will be supported by an audio guide in several languages. 

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Virtualist, Ljubljana

When in the centre of Ljubljana, true VR fans will certainly step into Virtualist. The first VR centre in Slovenia provides a range of experiences for all generations and tastes – from more relaxing virtual experiences to action-fuelled challenges for the most daring among you.

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Virtual Zipline from Triglav

Slide down a zipline from Triglav, the highest mountain in Slovenia, to the Slovene Alpine Museum in Mojstrana. How? By putting on the virtual glasses provided by the museum. Fly right above Slovenia's highest peaks and enjoy the wonderful views of the Vrata valley. Venture into the depths of Slovenian caves or enjoy the vistas from certain Alpine peaks by means of "virtual reality" goggles.

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Bee World pavilion

Enter the world of bees interactively. Mirna Peč in Dolenjska is the home of the bee pavilion where you can learn all about bees. You can see a beehive in a 360-degree view or take a selfie with the virtual three-dimensional model of a floating Carniolan grey bee. 

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