Winter fairy-tale in Slovenia

Close your eyes and imagine the most magical December holiday possible… Festooned cities and towns, thousands of tiny lights, the aroma of holiday fare, and of course snow. The childlike joy you feel when the first snowflakes start falling. A desire to relax, have fun, enjoy the outdoors... Open your eyes and come find your winter fairy-tale in Slovenia.

Glittering unspoiled whiteness

Would you prefer to trade the charm of the holiday lights for a glittering untouched blanket of snow? Then put on your snowshoes and head for snow country! One of the nicest experiences of nature is a walk through the mighty spruce forests of Pokljuka or Velika planina with its dreamlike landscape of herders’ huts. Romantic souls will enjoy the unique experience of a winter torchlight parade or a walking under the full moon at Vogel, which offers an amazing view of the Bohinj Valley and the Julian Alps. Free skiers and ski touring enthusiasts will find plenty to enjoy here and at Kanin. When the snow and weather conditions are right, ski touring in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps above Jezersko and in the Logar Valley, among other places, offers authentic contact with the natural environment. 

Family fun on snow

Spend your holiday with your family on snow. Glide down the groomed trails of Slovenia’s ski areas, soak up the beauty of snow-covered nature while cross-country skiing, or go sledging and allow your inner child to run free. After your snow day is over, head for pampering and water activities at one of Slovenia’s spas and health resorts, which are located near the major ski areas.


Skating under the holiday lights

Skating in the open-air rinks set up in many holiday-decorated city centres is a truly special experience. 

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