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We would like to introduce you to the green corners of our country, which offers countless exploring opportunities despite its small size. With the help of the photographs posted on social networks, we explore breath-taking views, areas off the beaten track, traditions, lively events, authentic experiences, and the special features of towns, big and small, around Slovenia. Discover these hidden corners with us, share the photos from your short trips and explorations by using the hashtag #ifeelsLOVEnia!

Make new memories in Slovenia and share them with us

In Thermal Pannonian Slovenia and Maribor.



Honey Wellness and Culinary Experiences

Experience the Laško tradition of beekeeping and honey. Take care of your appearance with a honey body care treatment in Thermana Laško. Relax with apitherapy which strengthens your immune system and helps maintain your health or relax in a garden of honey-bearing plants in the Laško Spa Park. Round up your story of honey with gastronomic delights with honey in the spa’s restaurant.

Obišči stran

Rogaška Slatina

Enjoy a glass of health

Taste the thing that has attracted those who thirst for health to Rogaška Slatina for centuries. The unique therapeutic mineral water source – Donat Mg – is at the very top in the world when it comes to water with magnesium content. Its rich mineral consistency gives the mineral water its healing power. Feel its positive effects by taking a mineral bath or enjoying a drinking treatment that will help you achieve better health and well-being.

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Over the hills of Kozjansko

The Kozjansko Regional Park comprises 50 km of marked and well-tended footpaths, along which you can get to know the area’s biodiversity and cultural sights. See Podsreda and visit its castle bearing the same name. Set out from Pilštanj’s medieval square and ascend to the lookout spot at the Vina Gora Hill. A part of the E7 European long-distance path leads across the Kozjansko region.

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Become a local

Every true Dolenjska local is proud of their own zidanica, a vineyard cottage. Get a sense of this pride as you spend your getaway in one. The grape harvest in autumn is quite an experience. After a rich breakfast, grape-pickers head to the vineyard to pick grapes, and the sounds of an accordion accompany their work. After a full day of work, the celebration surrounding the new grape harvest moves to the zidanice cottages, where an evening feast is prepared.

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Čatež and Posavje

The Posavje Museum and the Knights' Hall

Visit the Posavje Museum which operates in Brežice Castle and presents a rich heritage of the Posavje Region. The castle has a special Knight’s Hall which fascinates its visitors with unique baroque paintings and thanks to the excellent acoustics, it is a unique location to host concerts and gala events. 

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Make new memories in Slovenia and share them with us


Vipava Valley - Cycling among Vineyards and Castles 

Cycling in the Vipava Valley is a special experience. Begin your cycling day in front of the Lanthierij Mansion in Vipava. Drive by the Zemono Manor to the historical Vipavski Križ and go down the vineyard hills to Branik with its Rihemberk Castle. Cycle along the state border with Italy by the Kromberk Castle to the Mirna Castle and further on toward the Karst. You can also drive along the picturesque Solkan route along the Soča River.  

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Koroška region - Radlje ob Dravi Water Park  

Radlje ob Dravi Water Park is the only biological pool in Slovenia where the cleanliness and quality of the water is a taken care of by natural organisms only. By the swimming centre, there is an adrenaline park and a Glamping Green Resort which is ranked among seven fairy-tale tourist destinations famous around the world. 

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Kočevje Region - Experiencing the Primeval Forest

Take a walk through the woodlands of Kočevski Rog and experience the tranquillity and magic of nature. Get up close and personal with the Queen of Rog and follow the bear paw symbols along the perimeter of the virgin forest. A local guide can help you discover and fully appreciate the mystery and beauty of the forest. After you finish your hike, enjoy a lovely picnic with an assortment of local delicacies.

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Traipsing around Olimje 

The village of Olimje is a lovely destination. Here, you can spend tranquil moments at the Minorite Monastery and stroll through the medicinal herb garden that the monks use to prepare medicinal concoctions. A Geological Educational Trail winds around Olimje and teaches hikers about the special geological features of the Kozjansko region. Make sure to stop by Chocolaterie Olimje, which is famed for high-quality and delectable hand-made chocolate products. 

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The medieval village of Štanjel 

Visit the medieval settlement with narrow alleys and a castle. A noted Slovenian architect by the name of Maks Fabiani left his mark during his mayoral term. In the Lojze Spacal Gallery at the castle you can admire the graphics of one of the most important Slovenian artists. Romantics can enjoy walking along the Ferrari Garden and the Fabiani Trail to Kobdilj.  

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Kranj – the town from across the canyon

The green canyon of the Kokra River offers a break and relaxation in nature, only a few metres away from the hustle and bustle of the town. The rich flora and fauna are visible in the wide array of tree species, flowers, birds, fish and other animals. The old part of the town is also embraced by the Sava River on the other side, and its environment is an excellent location for fishing and fly-fishing. 

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The mysteries of the Kamniška Bistrica Valley

Find peace in the valley of Kamniška Bistrica. The area is full of natural sights you can explore on foot or by bike. Take the Koželj Trail all the way to the spring of Kamniška Bistrica. For the more adventurous among you, the upper part of the valley, Konec, will be of interest as it features numerous glacial remnants. For families, the trail leading to the Orglica Waterfall – Orličje is more suitable.

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A cycling adventure in Pomurje

Get your bike pedals running, as more than 600 km of marked cycling trails await you in Pomurje. Embark on an adventure from the sun-kissed, grapevine-covered hills of Jeruzalem to the zidanica vineyard cottages of the Lendavske Gorice Hills or tourist farms in the Goričko Hills.  

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Experiences by the Adriatic Sea

On the tidy beaches of Koper, Žusterna and all the way to Izola, you will find an abundance of opportunities for summer refreshment. In Žusterna there is the Active Koper water sports park. Rent a kayak or an SUP, catch the wind in the surf sail, dive into the depths of the sea and find the shipwreck of the legendary sunken transoceanic ship Rex, or rent a bike and ride along the beach. 

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Pristine nature of Pohorje right by the city 

A natural oasis of lush forests and the Šumik ancient woodland, clearings and pastures, clean and drinkable Pohorje water, waterfalls and peat moors with lakes, the largest butterfly in Europe and other invaluable animal species, and the only silicate mountain chain in Slovenia are all natural peculiarities of Pohorje that will fascinate both nature lovers and professionals.  

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Taste signature Idrija Cuisine 

The signature dish of the local cuisine is the "Idrijski žlikrofi" – a delicious type of stuffed dumplings. You can get your fair share of this delicacy at the annual Idrijski Žlikrofi Festival, which takes place every August. Other highlights of the local cuisine, which are prepared by adding a contemporary touch to recipes passed down through generations, can be enjoyed at both the Kenda Manor and Hotel Jože in particular, and at other local establishments and catering services. Finish up your meal with a sip of the special bitter absinthe they call "Geruša", the miners' spirit of choice. 

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Water adventures on the River Krka  

Experience the River Krka in a slightly different way. Sit in a raft or kayak and go down its wild waters. In the summer, you can find excellent refreshment in this green beauty of Dolenjska. Popular bathing areas can be found in Žužemberk, Straža, and Kostanjevica na Krki. For those who prefer more peaceful experiences of nature next to water, the River Krka offers an abundance of fishing opportunities.  

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Catching some Fresh Air out on the Cliff

Climb the Strunjan Cliff, which rises 80 metres up into the air and enjoy a fantastic view of the Slovenian coastline. The cliff is the highlight of the Strunjan Landscape Park, which is adjacent to Izola. With the rich vegetation along its edge and the belt of sea that stretches 200 metres, the cliff was declared a nature reserve. This is the longest stretch of untouched shore along the entire 130-kilometre coastline that runs from Grado in Italy to Savudrija in Croatia.  

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An old town, yet young at heart

Even though Ptuj is Slovenia’s oldest town, it has a young heart. Feel its pulse by visiting the Art Stays festival of modern art. Visit the Ptuj City Gallery and see colourful graffiti in the old town centre. Have a coffee under the Orpheus Monument and try local beer varieties at the Bodi Café. Satisfy your shopping needs at fashionable boutiques in the old town centre. 

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