Hot springs in Slovenia's natural spas

Slovenia is a land of healthy water. No matter which part of our green country you visit, you will always be able to find water sources. According to folk testimonies and legends, some water has special power. It has been proved that therapeutic thermal and mineral springs, which are mostly located in the spas and health resorts in Pannonian Slovenia, but can also be found at the coast and in Alpine Slovenia, have positive effects on health and well-being. Discover the most unique hot springs, famous for their incredible properties.


Rich magnesium content

In Rogaška Slatina, you can find one of the most special waters in the world. The natural Donat Mg mineral water is the leading water in the world when it comes to magnesium content, and its composition helps alleviate and prevent a number of diseases. Among other things, you can allow your body to get a break from daily stress by choosing the Donat Mg Detox programme. Or you can simply toast with a glass of this incredible mineral water.

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The medicinal power of bubbles

Enjoy the pleasant effect of the medicinal bubbles of the natural mineral water from Radenci. This water is known for a high content of the naturally present CO2, which makes it one of the richest European waters with regard to CO2 content. Bathing in the natural mineral water with a temperature of 30 to 33°C will strengthen your organism and immune system, free you of metabolic waste and contribute to quicker regeneration.

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The power of the black water from the Moravci hot springs

In Moravske Toplice, feel the warmth of the therapeutic energy of black thermal and mineral water on your own skin. The water comes to the surface from a depth of 1100 metres with a temperature of 72°C – it is thus considered to be one of the warmest thermal and mineral waters in Slovenia, as well as an incredible phenomenon on a global scale. It has positive effects on the skin and it alleviates and eases pain.

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A paraffin experience in Lendava

Would you like to find a true elixir for youth? Perhaps paraffin thermal and mineral water from the Terme Lendava Spa can help you on your path to vitality and a youthful appearance. Compared to the black thermal and mineral water, it is slightly cooler (62°C) and it is known for its green colour. Bathing in paraffin water helps with motor issues, problems with the thyroid gland, the respiratory system, and skin. When you resurface from this water, you’ll feel re-born.

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Royal luxury of healthy water

When in Rogaška Slatina, visit the nearby village of Kostrivnica, where a royal hot spring is located in a picturesque pavilion. Its positive effects were already known by the Celts, and in the past its therapeutic water was transported across the Atlantic. The mineral water from the King’s Spring has a positive effect on digestion and on skin.

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Glacial wellness treatments in the Upper Savinja Valley

Treat yourselves to refreshing treatments in glacial water at the Špik Wellness Centre in Gozd Martuljek. It is pumped from underground glacial lakes that are thousands of years old. This water is known for its extreme clarity, rich composition, and a neutral pH value, due to which it has a beneficial effect on the body. Swim in heated glacial water pools and feel its positive effects in selected wellness programmes.

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Healthy water found in nature

In addition to therapeutic thermal and mineral springs in Slovenia’s spas and health resorts, you can also find life-giving power in some other natural hot springs that, according to folklore, have medicinal effects too. In the vicinity of Kamnik, have a glass of living water. Taste the water from Vid's Hot Spring near Lake Bukovnica. In Dolenjska, people believe in the power of the Lady Spring, a unique attraction in the Gorjanci Hills. Legend has it that the water from the spring gave eternal youth. In the Jezersko Valley, try the therapeutic “lake mineral water”, in Kotlje in Koroška, try water from the Roman Hot Spring, and in Solčavsko, under Mt Olševa, make sure to try the medicinal iron sour water. Listen to locals and find other sources with supposed positive effects around Slovenia.


Thalassotherapy – strengthen your health with the help of sea water

The aroma of the sea and salt is relaxing in itself. However, the sea also hides many medicinal treasures that help us on our path to good health and well-being. Experience the power of salt-pan mud, sea water and brine, sea weed, and other ingredients directly at the Thalasso Lepa Vida at the Sečovlje Salt Pans, the Terme Strunjan Spa, or at the Thalasso Lifeclass Portorož.

Have a mud bath

Although some of you may not find this very appealing, you can take care of your health and well-being by enjoying a wide range of mood and other baths. For example, at the Terme Zreče Spa, you can have a therapeutic bath with medicinal peat or volcanic mud from the Pohorje Hills. At the Terme Dobrna Spa, the mud from the Dead Sea is used for detoxifying your body, among other things.

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A thermal getaway in the heart of Slovenia

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Healthy waters

Healthy waters

In one publication you can find all the reasons to visit Slovenia as a place of healing waters and verified health resorts! Discover the differences between them.

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