Historical towns are fun

Slovenian historical towns boast rich cultural and historical heritage. Stroll down streets in the old town centre that tell a tale of the past... Tell a tale? Yes, they really do – you can travel back in time and appreciate the city life of the past by taking part in captivating events and experiences. Add a sprinkle of modern hustle and bustle and a touch of originality and you have an unforgettable adventure for the whole family. Ready to go?

Enter the world of knights and ladies-in-waiting

Want to turn back time and live in a castle? Many historical towns organise events where you can discover the bravery of knights, the mastery of sword fighting, court dances and the spirit of the Middle Ages. Join the knights and test your sword fighting and archery skills at Celje Castle or even visit the biggest medieval festival The Land of Celje Welcomes You in the autumn. The oldest Slovenian town of Ptuj invites you to its Ptuj Castle Games, which will have you travel back to Roman times at the Roman Games. Relive the Middle Ages at the Medieval Day in July or September or take part in the Fairy Tale Night and Day at Žužemberk Castle. Your family can take on a challenge at Struga Castle near Novo Mesto by testing your knowledge in a trivia game on history and court life. In Škofja Loka, meanwhile, you can participate every year in the so-called Historial, a somewhat different historical event, while the Škofja Loka Passion Play, part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage, takes place every six years.

A stone’s throw from nature

Slovenia’s unique feature is that the great outdoors is only a stone’s throw from any town or city. There are many things to do. Try a game of outdoor mini golf just outside Radovljica or have your children become gold seekers for a day.  Climb to a tree house in the Celje city forest and relax in nature, or take part in the amazing social events that the city organises. In Piran, meanwhile, your children can experience the world of mermaids in the Strunjan Nature Reserve, at the Sečovelje Saltworks they can listen to the story of how salt is ground in tiny salt grinders on the seabed, or they might care to roam the streets of Piran like brave St George when he fought the dragon.

Spend time in the company of animals and plants

Make the exploring of historical towns even more fun by visiting the many parks, gardens and museums that feature animals and plants as the main attraction. Visit the Mini Zoo Land amusement park in Slovenske Konjice and see exotic animals, learn about ancient cultures and mingle with cowboys and Indians, or even join pirates on their pirate ship. Not far from Kamnik, you can visit Volčji Potok Arboretum to marvel at the blossom fields and see life-size dinosaur and whale sculptures. As you stroll through the picturesque coastal town of Piran, drop in at the aquarium and become submerged in the vivacious underwater world of the Adriatic Sea or enter the world of seashells. Only a few kilometres away, near Koper, you can make a pit stop at the Škocjanski Zatok Nature Reserve and watch the many bird species or enjoy the stunning landscape on horseback. You can also go horseback riding in the idyllic mountains above Jesenice, which explode into life with fields of daffodils in May. One of the tourist farms there will plan an unforgettable horseback riding experience for you. 

Amazing museum experiences

Every town or city has at least one museum that showcases its history and activities, and the historical towns of Slovenia are no exception. There are countless fascinating museum collections that are worth seeing. In Celje, you can join Herman the Fox at the Children’s Museum and see the museum bank and a toy exhibition. Are your children mad about fire-fighters? You should visit the Slovenian Fire-Fighting Museum in Metlika. Explore Tržič Museum with Jaka the Deer and interactively learn about Tržič’s craft history or, since you’re in the neighbourhood, stop by the Slovenian Skiing Museum.

The mysterious underground world

The most thrilling adventures await underground. Mischievous Perkmandlc the pit dwarf hid a treasure somewhere in the Anthony Mine Shaft in Idrija. Solve the puzzle and find the treasure while uncovering the history of the mine. Roam the streets of Kranj with Dwarf Kranček and embark on an exciting adventure in the tunnels under the old town centre. The tunnels might be man-made, but that doesn’t mean you won’t see cave formations and cave animals, including the human fish. If you’d like to see an amazing cave world with breathtaking limestone formations shaped by nature, a visit to Kostanjevica Cave, not far from Kostanjevica na Krki, is a must.

Something sweet...

Exploring historical towns can be a sweet experience. In April, gorge on chocolate for three days in Radovljica and delight in a wide range of chocolate events at the Chocolate Festival. Aboard the museum train, the journey to Radovljica can be an adventure in itself. At the end of September, enjoy culinary delicacies in Koper at the Sweet Istria festival of desserts.  Indulge in tasty traditional Slovenian desserts and creative confectionery creations.

The Hustle and Bustle of Historical Towns

Choose from a range of events that interlace the past with the present in a fun way.

Cultural Treasure Hunt

Explore the rich natural and cultural heritage of Slovenia. Be amazed by charming towns, gems of nature and significant remains from the past as you embark on an unforgettable adventure for all generations.


Images of Slovenia that reach deep into your hearts.




Slovenia is full of castles, manors, fortresses, and fortification systems.



Family fun

Excellent fun for children – where everything happens for the first time.

Family fun

Cities of culture

Cities of culture

Why visit just one town or city? In Slovenia, visitors only need a brief time to experience a number of adventures in various towns. Look through this catalogue of historical cities and towns, pick a place and go for a visit!

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